While 2020 has upset a few plans this year, summer camps at Woodward locations are now open! Although there are new safety regulations and precautions due to COVID-19, Woodward summer camps have had to modify various programs, but they are now available at Woodward Copper, Tahoe, and West. Scroll down below to get info on program availability, operating dates and hours.

Woodward Copper
Starting the week of July 5 till August 15, 2020, ski, snowboard, skateboard, BMX and scooter sessions are on! Although Woodward Copper Summer Camp only offers day lessons and programming, meaning overnight camping will not be offered.

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Woodward Copper camp updates.

Woodward Tahoe
Woodward Tahoe at Boreal offers camp programs in skateboarding, skiing snowboarding, BMX, mountain bike, cheer, scooter, parkour, and digital media.

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Woodward Tahoe Camp Updates.

Woodward Park City
Summer Camps include mountain bike, skateboard, BMX, scooter, parkour, cheer, digital media, and multi-sport programs. Camps run from 8:30am – 5:30pm.

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Woodward Park City camp updates.

Woodward West
Woodward West is scheduled to begin the week of July 26 and run through August 23. Woodward West is currently waiting on the State of California to provide industry guidelines for overnight summer camps, and without those guidelines, they are not permitted to open. 

At this time, Woodward West is hopeful to continue to operate a summer camp for Weeks #8-#11. At this time, 2020 summer camp weeks #8, #9, and #10 are currently sold out. Week #11 (August 16-22, 2020) still has open spaces available but is filling up quickly.  

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Woodward West camp updates.

Woodward Pennsylvania
The original Woodward located in Pennsylvania, PA, will be operating starting July 5 and run through the week of August 23. Available programs include skateboarding, BMX camp, gymnastics, cheer, and scooter. 

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Woodward PA camp updates.

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