Dropped off at a deserted Boy Scout Camp near Cape Lookout on the Oregon Coast, three world-class snowboarders were among the various groups of professional athletes and "off-roaders" invited to a weekend of pampering and adrenaline pumping new experiences.

Into its second iteration, the five-star pop-up event known as Hotel Tacoma is a gathering designed to treat professional athletes to an action-packed weekend of opportunities to try their hand at more than a dozen different outdoor activities. The ultimate goal is for everyone invited to have fun.

We tagged along with Dew Tour Superpipe Champions Elena Hight and Louie Vito to ride mountain bikes after a paragliding session, plus fly-fish and test-drive trucks. We even lined up alongside ultimate backcountry explorer Travis Rice for an archery session before an extravagant ‘Beast Feast’ prepared by a chef over an open-flame one evening.

"This weekend was about low stress, creativity, spontaneity and fun,” explains Elena. “Toyota created this 'Hotel' in the spirit of the Tacoma, which is a vehicle made for people that go out and want to play."

The Oregon Coast provided the ultimate outdoor venue to naturally host each of the dreamt up activities all within a few miles of the central camp zone. Paragliding with the coastal wind, side-by-side buggies and dirt bikes in the sand dunes, test-driving trucks through all types of rugged logging road terrain before letting a professional driver push it to the limit, were just a few of the epic options to pursue.

Elena Hight, clocking in her first hang time on the Oregon Coast. Photo: Wilder

"I've always wanted to paraglide," says Elena, after completing her first flight. "Such a cool, peaceful activity. I was so excited to get the chance to try it. It was awesome to have time to learn what it takes to fly the kite, because it's definitely different than what you would imagine. Then, being up in the air. Floating in the wind, like a bird. Flying… it was very calm, very mellow."

There was fly-fishing at the lake, in addition to deep-sea fishing and crabbing in the ocean. On the beach there was a small lifeguard tent that housed surfboards and keys to jet skis, and in front of that was a track to race motorized minibikes and remote control trucks.

"I had never fly-fished before," clarifies Louie. "I know Curtis Cizek, E-Jack, John J, and they are all super into fly-fishing. So, I've always wanted to try it."

"For me, it's the kind of fishing where you're not just sitting there, you've got to be active. I was stoked to try it. I'm not good by any means, but I definitely saw progress, and I caught a fish!"

Louie Vito’s catch of the day. Photo: Ortiz

Returned to set the Hotel Tacoma scene was the steel totem pole. Fabricated with a go-kart on the bottom, an assortment of helmets, masks and automotive parts for the midsection, and a fire-breathing rabbit head to top it off. The monstrous contraption had two buttons at the bottom to spit fire from the rabbit head and scream the siren—thus to commence the weekend.

Freshly stained wooden details were everywhere. There were picnic tables with benches that were covered in fur pelts, under a giant teepee tent common area. Newly built walkways connected a variety of wooden couches, chairs and tables that overlooked the ocean and massive fire pit where s'mores were made each night.

Meals were catered, and dinners were prepared by master chefs served in the sort of rustic dining settings found at boutique weddings. The hotel offered everything from mountain bikes to hammocks, hot shaves and full body massages to ensure everyone was well taken care of at all times.

"This weekend was about low stress, creativity, spontaneity and fun!” —Elena Hight

The roster of like-minded invitees was made up of 100 various celebrities and social media influencers, alongside BMX and mountain bikers, motocross riders and snowboarders—all outdoor enthusiasts. In the mornings, campers woke up to the sound of small engines ripping up to their cabins to drop off a toolbox loaded with thermos of fresh coffee, milk and mugs to make the early starts easier—campsite room service.

Yoga practice was available each morning, to begin long days full of what Elena best described as "a variety of things that you wouldn't expect to normally do, and it opens your mind."

From wood and leather branding, to hatchet throwing, and archery between meals, Hotel Tacoma was the ultimate resort for all kinds of outdoor activities. There were even the giant, translucent, human-sized hamster balls you roll down hills inside of.

(Toyota Tacoma MSRP:$24,320. Epic rooster footage: priceless. Video: Ortiz)

"The root intention of the 'Hotel' is to celebrate the Tacoma as a fun truck," says Travis.

Rather your typical work truck, Travis suggested the Tacoma is all about getting outdoors and having fun doing different activities. Travis said the entire Hotel Tacoma experience was directly in line with the type of partner Toyota has been for him as a professional snowboarder.

"Toyota is an amplifier type of sponsor," explains Travis. "They're not really the sponsor that comes in and throws cash on the table to buy athletes, it is more around ideation and support on projects. Toyota is a prime example of a company that comes in and has solutions. They support ideas, and the creative process."