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Skittles are her favorite candy. She was the first woman to land back-to-back double corks in a Superpipe competition. Despite qualifying for the Sochi Games, she was too young to compete. The announcers always have a lot to say about Chloe Kim before she drops in for competition.

During her most recent prevailing performance at the 2016 Toyota US Grand Prix at Copper Mountain, Kim was even compared to Shaun White for her assertive runs and superior performances in the pipe.

"What Shaun White did for men's halfpipe riding, Chloe Kim is doing for women's halfpipe riding."

Last season, Kim defended her X Games Gold medal in pipe in Aspen and Oslo, made history by landing back-to-back double corks to win at the US Grand Prix at Park City, added two Youth Olympic Gold medals to her collection in both pipe and slope, and she won the Burton US Open title in pipe.

Kim's dominance looked to be in healthy shape at the US Grand Prix at Copper Mountain, where she took the win. She presented her perky smile and waved to the camera prior to each of her three runs that were progressively building in technicality. However, Kim did fall on her third run while attempting a frontside 1080 and was left relying on her second run score to win the event.

Following the runs of Hannah Teter, Kim brought greater speed, in addition to longer and more stylish grabs. Not only did she land her tricks at the top of each transition allowing her to flow with more speed than her competitors, but the tricks that Kim pulled during her runs were on another level.

Kim kicked off her first run at the event slowly. After her opening method air leading into a staple frontside 540, Kim's McTwist marking the halfway point in her runs certainly added a stylish signature before she concluded with a frontside 720 and cab 360 tailgrab for a score of 87.

Spinning McTwist – instead of another flat 540, like her competitors – had Kim standing out from the mix.

However, Xuetong Cai and Jiayu Liu followed Kim in the pipe with their own impressive and competitive runs. Both of the Chinese riders opted for high risk on their first walls, starting their runs with back-to-back 540s rather setting up with a method. Xuetong's first run actually consisted of the same tricks as Kim's (apart from spinning both 540s flat) but would be rewarded with a higher score of 89.25 for the risk taken early on her first wall.

As the event continued the three-run format, Kim's best score would come from her second run. Against heavier snowfall, Kim showcased very smart contest decision making when she opted to repeat her same run while replacing only one trick. Following her gorgeous opening method air, Kim commanded a frontside 900 before stamping her McTwist and back-to-back 720s to complete the run.

That run earned a 95.5 and would stand as the highest score of the day.

Kim's perky smiles, dancing and waving to the camera was certainly part of what made her stand out at the 2016 Toyota US Grand Prix at Copper Mountain. But it was her smart contest run progression, unmatched speed and unique trick selection that pushed her to the top of the podium once again.

Look out for another superb season of contest domination from Chloe Kim.


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