UPDATE: In anticipation of a new Toyota Beyond the Bib video with Chloe Kim, we take a look back at her previous accomplished endeavors. First, we look at Chloe's first episode from 2016 when she was in the process of gearing up for her Olympic debut at the 2017 PyeongChang Winter Games. Her first episode dove into her life beyond the halfpipe and presents a glimpse at her more than ordinary life.

Former Introduction:

At just 16-years-old, Chloe Kim is poised to become the world's most dominant snowboard female halfpipe rider. Two years ago, she earned enough points to qualify for the Sochi Olympics. Unfortunately, her talent exceeded the minimum age for Olympic eligibility and she will have to wait until PyeongChang in 2018 to perform on the world's largest stage.

In the meantime, she continues to assert herself, landing ground-breaking tricks like the first back-to-back 1080s for a woman in competition. But there's so much more to Chloe than her talent on a board. We're proud to present a glimpse at her more than ordinary life.

Watch the full Beyond The Bib series presented by Toyota, including episodes following Brolin Mawejje, the Ugandan who is trying to become the first person from his country to compete in the Winter Olympics: http://www.dewtour.com/beyond-the-bib/.