Plan on pushing through Nashville sometime soon? Be sure to stop by the downtown location of Sixth Avenue and thank the guys for sending over the tips to taking in their city by board. Whether you are looking a legendary spot like Legislative Plaza, or want to recreate your favorite Dee Ostrander ad from his hometown, Sixth Avenue broke down all the spots you have to hit. They also listed out lots of epic eats as well as the best bar around… it is DUKES!

(Click, drag, and zoom in on the map above to get a closer look at the surrounding area of Sixth Ave's home city of Nashville.)


Downtown Nashville

The scene
Little of everything…diy spots, parks, new stuff every week due to construction all over the city.

Iconic spots
Legislative Plaza has been seen in a ton of videos of course and has been skated by every generation over time.

Hometown heroes
Ray Underhill, Dee Ostrander, Myquel Haddox, Matt Sharer won Hometown Heroes once does that count?

Best form of transportation around city 
Anyway you can…spots are all over the place….

Local Skatepark
We have a skatepark as part of our shop (8k square feet!) and then the whole city is just a hill away.

Click on the image above to watch Sixth Ave’s 2017 Dew Tour Shop Showdown Video.

Favorite skate park/ spots
OURS DUH! As for spots….favorites for most of the dudes are legislative, the ditch, life way banks, courthouse, polk, cumberlandpark…just a few.

Rainy day activites
Well we have an indoor park with AC/Heat thats open 6 days a week so thats a plus. Besides that we have a ton of rad places to hang, eat, etc: The Belcourt Theater, countless music venues, (food places listed below), Grimeys, and more…..

Next biggest city
Chattanooga is awesome, B-ham, ATL, Asheville, Louisville, Memphis everything is 2-4 hours away.

Local food
Crema Coffee, Baja Burrito, Gabbys Burgers and Fries, Two Boots Pizza, 5 points, Dukes, all the Hot chicken Spots, Clawsons Deli, Martin’s BBQ, Fox’s Donut Den…besides skateboarding here food places can keep you busy for days.

Local bar

Premiere location
We usually have them at the skate shops in town but if there was a place to do it The Belcourt is THE BEST!