When you are ready to escape the giant cities on the East Coast, hit Hillsborough Township for a skate break away from the bustle. In the plains of New Jersey, you will find Prime. And thanks to Prime now you can find your away around to their local DIY skatepark or any type of food your stomach growls for. They also have a few other rad recommendations for the outdoors if you are into getting in touch with mother nature.

(Click, drag, and zoom in on the map above to get a closer look at the surrounding area of 35th Ave’s home city Federal Way, Washington.)

Prime Skate Shop is located on the southbound side of Route 206 in Hillsborough, New Jersey between Amwell and New Amwell roads right next to the Sunoco gas station and 7 Eleven. We share a 3 tenant building with Dominos Pizza and King Wing.

The scene
I would say our skate scene locally is somewhere in between Suburban and Rural. Most of the spots are like strip mall, neighborhood and factory type stuff. The town is about 55 square miles and there is not much public transportation so you will need someone with a car or some loot for Uber to get around.

Iconic Spots
2 famous/legendary spots I can think of in Hillsborough are the Willow Road ditch and the Dam at Ann Van Middlesworth Park. Not the greatest spots but skaters from all over the area have made the best of them for over 20 to 30 years.

Prime covers all your skate needs from hardgoods and apparel to offering a mini quarter pipe out front to warm up on before heading out on the next skate mission.

Local Skatepark
When you come to Prime it’s a must to check out (#AnnVan). It’s our local skatepark and is less than a mile from our shop located at 570 Pleasant View Rd. in Ann Van Middlesworth Park. It’s an old park opened in the year 2000 with a mix of everything from original wooden ramps, random obstacles and newer DIY concrete stuff like a 20-foot ledge, ski jump, banks, hips and quarter pipes. Many pros have come through over the years and some of the best in our area skate here on the regular. Plus this past December the town added a new mini bowl, which is really sick and other improvement are already scheduled for this spring and summer including the addition lights to the skatepark which is going to be amazing.

Next biggest city
New York City and Philadelphia are also a must to skate when you come to our area. Both are about an hour drive but if you can’t get there definitely check out some other places like New Brunswick and Princeton, two historic local city/towns with a lot of skateboard history. Each are about a 20 minute from the skateshop.

Alternative activates
Some other things to do locally would be checking out a local farm like Norz Hills, explore the nature habitats of Dukes Estates or get up to the Sourlands Mountain Preserve for a hike.

Local Food
Grab some food at one of the about 50 places to eat in Hillsborough – everything from bagels, burgers, pizza, subs, sushi, wings and more. Grab some coffee at Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or the local Diner hit up Big Head’s or Petrock’s for some drinks, then catch a movie at Hillsborough Cinemas. All are about a 5 or 10-minute drive from our shop.

Check out their competing video in the 2017 Shop Showdown hosted by  hereTransWorldSKATEboarding.