Tucked in between Tacoma and Seattle, Federal Way offers a little bit of everything to your summer skate trip. Whether you're looking to casually cruise a park or stack clips in the streets, the guys at 35th Ave. marked down their local chill and heavy spots to skate. For break time you can warm down at the Norpoint Skatepark and then hop in the water at Dash Point State Park. But in case you aren’t feeling up to all that, 35th made sure to shout out Lazer Quest and the $2 dollar theater to bide your time.

(Click, drag, and zoom in on the map above to get a closer look at the surrounding area of 35th Ave’s home city Federal Way, Washington.)

North side of city, 28717 Pacific HWY S, unit 5, Federal Way, WA

Iconic spots 
Saghalie Double Set, Aquatic 10, TL Park & Ride, Gen-X Gap, Back to Back, and Albertsons Bump

Hometown heroes
Matt Schlager, Cory Thomas, Tim Henry, Brandon Taylor, Jordan Strong, Dave Waite, Gooch

Best form of transportation around the city
Heelys or Hover Boards

Closest skatepark
Des Moines skatepark

Local skatepark/spots
Des Moines, Steel Lake, OG Norpoint R.I.P., Norpoint, Fenwick, Judkins

Rainy day activities
Lazer quest, $2 theater, Dope Planet

Next biggest city

Local food
Godfathers Pizza

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