Before the official first day of practice at Dew Tour Long Beach 2017 a few athletes cruised by for course pre-rolls and an overview of our new venue. New to Dew Tour this year are the skateble sculptures and custom public skatepark art installation designed by Steven Harrington. The four sections that include a tech, rails, gaps, and bowl received a facelift in size. Scroll through the photos below to peep the first few skaters get their scraps in.
Captions by Adam Sullivan

Los Angeles-based artist Steven Harrington partnered with Dew Tour this year to bring his colorful icons to life. Valley Center's Daymien Hertenstein floats a frontside ollie on the palm tree obstacle. Photo: Durso (click to enlarge)

Ivan Federico wasted no time getting in on the session and feeble grinding around the corner at dusk. Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

This year, the Dew Tour Bowl is almost twice as big, with more hips, pockets, and corners than ever. Ivan Federico puts down a lofty Madonna on the freshly poured and painted bowl. Photo: Durso (click to enlarge)

As soon as the paint was dry, the skaters showed up to rip. Blind's own Micky Papa tests the waters with a kickflip frontside boardslide on the rails course. Photo: Durso (click to enlarge)

Micky Papa takes stock of the rails course in preparation of the Dew Tour 2017. Photo: Durso (click to enlarge)

An overview of the freshly poured and painted rails course at Dew Tour 2017. In a matter of hours, the best skaters in the world will be throwing down tricks left, right, and center. Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

The California Rampworks crew spent the past several days creating the perfect course for Dew Tour 2017. Make sure you get on down to check out the action this weekend! Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

The tech course may be quiet now, but it's gonna be buzzing with activity all weekend long, as the top skaters in the world battle it out. Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

Dew Tour 2017 even has a pump track for the public to cruise around on. Yes, that means you—bring your board! Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

Artist Steven Harrington designed the art for the Dew Tour 2017 public skate park. Come on down and skate it! Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

The calm before the storm. Just try to imagine the moves that are gonna go down on the tech course this weekend! Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

An overview of the Dew Tour 2017 bowl, complete with banked extension, pool coping, and plexiglass doorway. Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

The California Rampworks crew putting the finishing touches on the sickest Dew Tour course yet! Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

An overview of the Dew Tour 2017 bowl. Imagine having this to skate everyday—what lines could you come up with? Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

Am Search winner from Amsterdam Roger Silva getting a frontside feeble grind, as well as a couple more tricks in on the rails course during the session today. Photo: Durso (click to enlarge)

TJ Rogers is no stranger to the Dew Tour. Here, he puts a backside Smith grind on the freshly painted hubba. Look for him, as well as the rest of the Blind team (2016 Dew Tour Team champs!) in the contest this weekend. Photo: Durso (click to enlarge)

Japan's own Yuto Horigome feels out the brand new bowl with a frontside air. Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

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