New Jersey's finest, Underground Skate Shop dropped their entry in the 2016 Dew Tour Shop Showdown presented by TransWorld SKATEboardingfeaturing Jonny Cumaoglu, Danny Eraso, DJ, Brandon Grant, Rob Synder, Nick Lipere, Dave Mauvais, Gnarly Charlie, Tommy Cuba, Chris Zack, Anthony Cerefice, Jeff Starch, Brian Beavers, Nick Cozz, Stephan Letren, Dylan Nieves, Leo Kwan, Evan Dittig, John Cozz. Filmed by Tommy Koehne, Dan Callahan, Andrew Petillo, Steve Mastorelli, Sam Fickinger, Joe Zevallos, BJ Wishard, Sam McCormack, Mike Maiello and Danny Cougle.

In round 2, Showdown 2 Underground faces off against Ambler Skate Shop from Ambler, Pennsylvania. Head over to and vote for your favorite edit.

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