Buzzing and bumping, the Terrace Theatre at the Long Beach Convention Center was packed with more than 1,400 screaming fans that flocked in hordes to see the live entertainment at the Dew Tour Concert

Atlanta rap newcomer Kelechi opened the night performing songs off his freshman album, Before the Quarter. The crowd moved with him, as they listened to his insightful lyrics discussing current social issues. Between songs Kelechi spoke directly to the crowd talking about his new album and meanings behind his songs. Kelechi closed his performance with his top song "The Glo." The room was glowing as Kelechi had the audience turn their phones on during the song. After Kelechi left the stage the crowd and excitement grew, as the fans knew E-40's performance was impending. 

E-40 (George Crossland-2)

E-40 mid show. Photo: Crosland (Click to enlarge)

During the stage change, there was a buzzing excitement throughout the crowd, as fans secured their space against the stage. From the moment E-40 took the stage he commanded the energy of the audience. E-40 spit his songs effortlessly, as the crowd passionately sang along. E-40 repeatedly went and grabbed the hands of his fans, and turned the mic to them sing along. E-40 gave multiple shout-outs to his fans from the Bay Area, the ladies in the house, and everyone from California. The crowd loved it. E-40 performed songs from his entire career, ranging from "Sprinkle Me" to an all-time rendition of "Snap Yo Fingers." As he closed out, E-40 thanked all of his fans for coming out and left the stage with the audience cheering.

E-40 (George Crossland-1)

E-40 showing the crowd his moves. Photo: Crosland (Click to enlarge)

As the lights dimmed an energetic island song began to play. The crowd began to jump and scream, they knew Action Bronson was about to take the stage. From the moment Bronson stepped on stage he brought the heat. The crowd went crazy when he performed "Actin' Crazy." Action leaned out into the crowd and grabbed his fans' hands, and the crowd screamed along. Plumes of smoke came from the crowd as they were encouraged to go wild. Bronson brought out friends from New York as well as, Long Beach rapper, Aston Matthews who freestyled a cappella. Later into the show, Action brought a female fan on stage to sign her shirt while he gave shout-outs to his fans. Action kept the energy high as he closed out his show with his hit songs "Baby Blue" and "Easy Rider."

Action Bronson (George Crossland- 2)

Action Bronson midshow killin it. Photo: Crosland (Click to enlarge)

A sweet success, the Dew Tour Concert left fans on a high as the Saturday night performances came to an end.

Action Bronson (Jack Antal)

Action Bronson bringing the heat Photo: Antal (Click to enlarge)