The Chaz Ortiz video spread like wildfire yesterday across the Internet stemming from ZOO YORK‘s vimeo account. As to be expected, Chaz put out more than four minutes of solid East Coast lines and bangers reminding everybody why his nickname is Steez. Come back two weeks from today for another new video as we release our Alli Show featuring Chaz Ortiz!


ZOO YORK proudly presents, The Chaz Ortiz Video. Filmed in 10 months between October 2011 to July 2012. Shot on location in Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Miami, New York City and more.

Chaz has been a part of the ZOO YORK family since he was nine years old. True to the heritage of ZOO, our boy holds it down in the streets.

Watch for B-sides, second angles and behind-the-scenes footage dropping soon.