Is it sexist to call skateboarding girls 'skirtboarders?’ I think it could at least be perceived as such, but I've seen them rocking the shirts so, I'm assuming they’re down with it. But, whatever.

The ladies were out on the course at 9:00 am today (lucky girls, rolling straight out of bed and onto the handrails) for their prelims, all shooting for a top 12 spot in the finals on Saturday. If you were wondering which of them came to this event the correct answer would be "all of them besides Steamer" And they trekked from everywhere to get here.

The girls were split into four heats, each heat doing two four-minute jams. So that's like, let's see…four times two is eight…eight times four is 32…so…32 minutes of estrogen-fueled madness. I think we'll save the who-did-whats for the finals, but there are more girls out here ripping than ever, and when I say ripping I mean like, totally ripping.

Standouts were the usual suspects: Lacey Baker, Alexis Sablone, and Leticia Bufoni.

Skate Park Women’s Prelims – Top 12 made it to Finals

1. Lacey Baker
2. Leticia Bufoni
3. Alexis Sablone
4. Candy Jacobs
5. Lorena Lima
6. Abisha Alshebaiki
7. Amy Caron
8. Sarah Meurle
9. Lyn-z Adams Hawkins
10. Sophie Poppe
11. Annie Guglia
12. Vanessa Torres