Well the Vert international qualifier is now resting comfortably in the history books, and there weren't too many surprises. Jean Postec skated like he was in the finals and finished in first, with multiple 540s, flip tricks, and even a judo air. Everybody else pretty much just did their best to hang on, waiting for that 45 second buzzer to let 'em know they'd done and what needed to be done. So now the twenty-man Prelims is set. Should get more interesting from here. Results and pics below.

The top 8 advancing to the Prelims:

Jean Postec
Lincoln Ueda
Marcelo Bastos
Rune Gilfberg
Elliot Sloan
Zach Miller
Rob Lorifice
Paul-Luc Ronchetti

Rob Lorifice 540

Rob Lorifice Kickflip Indy

Zach Miller Frontside Air

Rune Gilfberg Frontside tail grab