BMX Big Air took to Brazil today as part of day two of X Games‘ first international stop. What is likely to be the biggest highlight of BMX Big Air contest, Brazilian Douglas Leite landed the largest air out of a quarterpipe on a BMX ever recorded in X Games history measuring up to an outstanding 22 feet tall! As for the rest of the comeptition, many new tricks were tried and even a few landed but in the end it was the dialed backflip bikeflip over the gap and triple tailwhip preformed by Zack Warden that won the top spot in the event. Chad Kagy earned himself second overall and Morgan Wade wound up in third, respectively. Check out the video below of Warden’s winning run that earned him his first gold at an X Games event. Check out the results at the bottom of this post, and for more information check out the complete recap posted on


1st Place – Zack Warden

2nd Place – Chad Kagy

3rd Place – Morgan Wade

4th Place – Vince Byron

5th Place – Douglas Leite

6th Place – Colton Satterfield

7th Place – Kevin Robinson

8th Place – Steve McCann