Zack Warden went all out in Barcelona, Spain at X Games earning his second gold medal back-to-back from Brazil on the MegaRamp Big Air stage. With a never-before-done trick, Warden stomped a backflip bikeflip to late tailwhip over the gap straight into a triple tailwhip on the quarterpipe to lock in the win. Right on his heels was Vince Byron, Coloton Satterfield and Chad Kagy who each earned a 90.00 for the event. Look below to see Warden’s winning run and the results, and for more information on BMX Big Air in Barcelona read the recap article on


1st Place - Zack Warden 92.00

2nd Place - Vince Byron 90.00

3rd Place - Colton Satterfield 90.00

4th Place - Chad Kagy 90.00

5th Place - Steve McCann 89.66

6th Place - Morgan Wade 88.33

7th Place - Andy Buckworth 86.00

8th Place - Sebastian Keep 82.33