We are just about to head into the Wendy’s Invitational this week, and we are trying to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of awesome that is going to go down when we finally bring together BMX, Skate, and FMX for the first time for this Dew Tour 2009 season. But, first, we have one last all-important piece of business to wrap up from the Skate Open ISF Skateboarding World Championships: awarding of the PlayStation Pro Moment.

To remind you, it was a choice between two newly-crowned World Champions. We had Bucky Lasek’s nollie flip stalefish, just one of many bangers from that packed winning run in Skate Vert. On the Park side, we had Ryan Sheckler’s backside kick flip over that massive Celtics Gap. For the past two weeks, you have been busy voting at allisports.com/playstation, and with your Verizon Wireless phones, and in the end, you chose Sheckler won it, for manhandling the gap that so many had their sights set on. Sheckler was stoked for the fan support, and not just for winning the Pro Moment, but for helping him to do well and land tricks like that at the event itself. "I'd like to thank the fans for coming out to the Skate Open and screaming so loud. That totally fires me up," he said. "Thanks also for voting for me for the PlayStation Pro Moment award. I'm stoked."

For his efforts, Sheckler walks away with a new PlayStation 3 and a library of games. Pretty sweet lil’ addition to his hardware from Boston. You can watch his highlight here and stay tuned for the nominees from the Wendy’s Invitational this week in Portland.

Here is another look at Sheckler's Playstation Pro Moment