Winner Take All in Female Slope

By: Nick Lipton – When Dew Tour arrives in Vermont one contest may buzz above all the rest, Female Slopestyle. Injury free and star studded the Female Slope Championship has come down to a do-or-die winner take all event. Spencer O'Brien and Jamie Anderson are tied in the points standing but back to back Winter X gold medalist Jenny Jones sits just five points behind the two. In my opinion, you might as well call it a three-way tie.

Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones

Spencer and Jamie, while young, are already Slopestyle legends. The two go big, spin fast and ride rails like men. Somehow these two also ended up with 175 points a piece after two stops. Meanwhile Jenny's consistency earned her 170 points, and five points isn't exactly a deficit. With Jenny's skills and momentum this winter she also in heated contention for the Dew Cup.

Spencer Obrien frontside 720

Spencer O’Brien

This race for the Cup is riddled with recent history. Spencer won the last stop, in Snowbasin, which would lead one to believe she's coming in hot for Mount Snow, but that's not necessarily true. Over the weekend Jenny not only sealed her second straight gold medal in the Winter X Games, but Jamie came in 2nd. Spencer finished down in 10th.

Jamie Anderson - 4th Place

Jamie Anderson

Each of these girls has the tricks, style and reputation to earn them the Cup, but what it's going to come down to is who can land their run. In Snowbasin Jamie struggled to land her 720. Spencer will need to land all her 540s. Jenny will need to bring her combo of 540s and 720s. If these girls can all land their runs it'll come down to the judges to decide the victor, and that won't be pretty.

Spencer O'Brien - 1st Place

Spencer O’Brien

When the Championship begins watch for Jamie's 720, it's a contest winner, but Spencer and Jenny will have hammers as well. Out of the four snowboard events taking place at Mount Snow, this is going to be the hardest one to call as Jenny proved she can beat Jamie in Winter X, Spencer proved she can beat them both at the Winter Dew Tour, and Jamie has proven she can beat anyone.


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