Wow, what a weekend we just had in Boston. After four rounds of skating in Park, and three in Vert, we crowned some World Champions, handed out some Dew Tour trophies, and saw some insane skateboarding go down. Well, guess what? We aren’t done handing out some nice sounding titles yet. Next up, deciding who gets the PlayStation Pro Moment from the Skate Open ISF Skateboarding World Championship.

PlayStation and Dew Tour have chosen the two nominees, and fittingly enough, they come from the two brand new World Champs themselves Bucky Lasek and Ryan Sheckler. The level or skating this weekend was ridiculous, and these two had to throw out some bangers to come out on top.

When you’re skating against the man-of-a-million-tricks Chris Cole and an absolutely on-point Ryan Decenzo, you have to just put it all out
there and go for it. And that’s exactly what Sheckler did with this
backside kick flip over the basketball hoop gap. Guys were hitting
this gap all day, but few were not just landing, but doing it by going
big and with style.

And then there was Bucky. There’s nothing to say other than he killed it with a run that was mind-blowing trick after trick. For sure a highlight was pulling this nollie flip stalefish. It was moves like these that helped him edge out PLG and the rest for the win.

So, which will it be kids? Vert or Park? You decide. At stake is $5000, a PlayStation 3, a library of games, and bragging rights, of course.

Head on over to Playstation Pro Moment and vote.