Another Dew Tour has kicked off, and with it comes some of the best BMX, Skate, and FMX runs you’ll see all summer. PlayStation has once again teamed up with Dew Tour to give props to the very best highlights with the PlayStation Pro Moment.

At each stop, PlayStation and Dew Tour will pick out the tricks from each discipline that were the best of the best from that weekend. These are the bangers that separate the men from the boys. They’re the moments that make you want to high five that stranger sitting next to you and that you won’t shut up about to your friends. Well, with the PlayStation Pro Moment, now you can do something to show just how stoked on that trick you are. Once we have the tricks selected, we post them all at There, you can watch the videos of all the nominated tricks, and then vote for your favorite either online or by texting ‘vote’ to 3331 on your Verizon Wireless phone. Whichever rider gets the most votes, wins $5000, a PLAYSTATION 3, and a library of games.

Ready to get started? Here are the nominees from the Nike 6.0 BMX Open. Watch and vote for all of these here.

First up is Ohio’s Craig Mast. Craig has front flips dialed. Last year at the Wendy’s Invitational, he wowed everyone by pulling a front flip flair for the first time in a Park competition. Well, apparently that was just a taste of what Craig wants to bring to the Park course. In Saturday’s Finals, he did a huge front flip down the step down, easily earning the PlayStation Pro Moment nomination for Park.

On the Vert side of things, we have a highlight from one of the busiest men of the Nike 6.0 BMX Open: Steven McCann. After killing it on the Park course earlier the day, Stevie went straight to Vert Prelims and Finals, where he nailed a sick little triple tailwhip, no doubt a move that helped him lock in a nice third place finish.

Last but not least is the man of the weekend: surprise Dirt winner Josh Hult. Hult’s double whips were perfect, and the fact that he was pulling them in both directions was even more impressive. Those moves helped him get that first #1 podium finish, and his opposite double whip in particular could help him win that PlayStation 3.

So, now you know your choices, head on over to here and get your vote on. You have until July 17th to vote.