Suspense built for the BMX Vert Semifinals after this afternoon’s weather delay. Vince Byron finished first with amazing airs, huge double tailwhips and smooth flairs. His fellow Australian Steve McCann came in a close second, bringing energy to the vert ramp with his bright bike and high speed starts to his runs, using every inch of the ramp. Byron, McCann and the rest of the semifinal finishers will compete in the BMX Vert finals tomorrow at 2 p.m. against Jamie Bestwick and Chad Kagy.

1. Vince Byron
2. Steven McCann
3. Jan Valenta
4. Francisco Zurita
5. Jimmy Walker
6. Austin Coleman
7. Dennis McCoy

For a full list of BMX Vert results, click here

Vince Byron – Turndown – 1st Place

Steve McCann – Superman Seat Grab – 2nd Place

Jan Valenta – Unlook back – 3rd Place

Francisco Zurita – 1 Hand 1 Foot – 4th Place

Jimmy Walker – Toboggan – 5th Place

Austin Coleman – Style Carve – 6th Place

Dennis McCoy – Can Can – 7th Place

Mykel Larrin – Griz Air

Zach Warden – Tailwhip