The Dew Tour Vert prelims went off in a big way this evening inside the Salt Lake City EnergySolutions Arena. The whole crowd was loud and going crazy throughout this wild vert comp. The riders where pushing themselves to their max, hoping that they would make it into the top seven, and be able to compete in Sunday’s Final.

First place in the BMX Vert prelims, and someone that will be a big threat in the Finals, is Vince Byron. His run consisted of a 540 whip, super smooth ally oop look back, floating one handed flatty, double whip, and ended with a 540 whip. 

Taking second place was Jimmy Walker with a solid run. Walker aired both ways, boasted bar spins, flattys, flairs and held onto a 5 bar. He threw down ally oops all over the Dew Tour ramp, and ended with a opposite flair.

The man in the Redbull helmet, Kevin Robinson, took third place with a great run: ally oop flair, flair to flair, flair tuck over the bank gap and a great switch-handed 540.

Fourth place was Austin Coleman pulled a big whip right off the bat, and with style for days Austin busted out a DOUBLE downside destroying the vert ramp.

Simon Tabron the only brakeless rider in the contest, throws downs a 900 but just could not hold on tonight. But, he did land a no-handed 540, and held onto a can can 540 – GNARLY!! A regular not just to Dew Tour Finals, but to Dew Tour podiums, Simon landed a safe spot in fifth place.

Tim Wood, an Australian riding for Colony BMX with an amazing-looking all red candy apple bike, placed sixth with a smooth, consistent run. His highlights were flair to opposite flair, and a way good superman seat grab.

Seventh place went to Francisco Zurita, riding for 5050 BMX. Great great run by him tonight: boosting high, with X ups, tables, and landing a flair turndown and a smooth double whip.

Landing just outside of the Finals were Koji Kraft and Zack Warden in 8th and 9th. Koji was a crowd favorite, going off with so much energy, blasting and landing double whips and 5’s all over the ramp. He ended his run with a classic foot plant downside tooth pick. At only 20 years old, Warden got fourth in Portland, but although he put down a very solid run tonight, it wasn’t quite enough to make the finals. He threw down big tricks like double whips, and was the only person to use the extention.

Overall tonight riding was intense. Tomorrow these riders will be competing with the circuits top three riders Jamie Bestwick in first as usual, with Steve McCann in second and Chad Kagy following in third.