Thursday night's BMX dirt prelims took place under the lights on a windless Las Vegas night, and it came down to a match between veteran Luke Parslow and am Alex Landeros for the last spot in the finals at the Dew Tour Championships.

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Landeros earned a spot to compete against the pros after winning the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals last month in Salt Lake. Only the top nine advance from the prelims to compete against the top-three overall riders in Saturday's finals.

As the last rider to compete, Parslow was tied for ninth with Landeros. He needed to beat Landeros' second run score of 87.75, and after a flip whip to start, a double whip over the second hit and a front flip invert over the last set it was looking like he did it.

Corey Bohan no-footed can-can

The atmosphere was tense already after TJ Lavin had a fall and was rushed to the hospital, but Parslow's 88.63 was enough for him to advance and give the crowd something to cheer about again.

Corey Bohan was the top qualifier coming out of the prelims after showcasing his trademark style and smooth tricks like his 360 one footer to start. He was the only rider breaking into the 90s throughout his entire heat and he bumped into first with a 90.50 on run one.

Anthony Napolitan qualified next after a creative run with a front flip to start, into an impressive double turndown. He finished the run off with a 360 Superman seat grab Indian on the last set.

Gary Young took the third qualifying spot and started off his run with a 360 transfer and also threw in a 360 seat grab one-footer. Reigning Dew Cup dirt champ Ryan Nyquist almost didn't make it out of prelims, but he stayed true to his reputation and qualified in his second run with a 360 transfer, a truckdriver and a suicide double truckdriver on the last set. It bumped him into second at the time, and he finished the prelims in fourth.

Doyle qualified fifth and earned the score in his first run with a tailwhip transfer, a 360 invert and a 360 whip over the last set. After having a tough time riding at the last event in front of his hometown crowd in Salt Lake, Satterfield made up for it here in Vegas, especially with his 360 double tailwhip, and he finished in sixth. Ellis was solid with a tuck no-handed back flip, a no-handed 360 and a turndown front flip to finish seventh. Klinger bumped himself up seven spots during qualifiers after he threw a 360 invert and a 360 tailwhip into his run to finish eighth.

The nine qualifiers will join the top three overall riders in Saturday's finals. Brett Banasiewicz is in the overall lead, with Brandon Dosch in second and Dennis Enarson in third.


1. Corey Bohan, 91.50
2. Anthony Napolitan, 89.75
3. Gary Young, 89.13
4. Ryan Nyquist, 89.13
5. Chris Doyle, 89.13

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