Update – 4/26/10 – Counting down the days till I get to go back to VT. Just want to thank everyone who has helped me throughout the beginning stages of my recovery. Still got a ways to go but am doing much better. You guys have been amazing with all your love and support. Thanks again! – Kevin

Alli got wind of some great news that we wanted to share about our Frend Kevin Pearce. On Wednesday, April 14, Pearce checked out of Colorado's Craig Hospital and will continue his rehabilitation in an outpatient setting, according to a recent story in the New York Times.

One week ago Kevin Pearce was likely anticipating this milestone when he checked in with more than 47,000 fans on his Facebook page.

"My days at Craig are moving along smoothly," Pearce wrote. "Luckily, I am getting nearer to the end. Thanks for the continued love and support!"

The New York Times' John Branch reported that based on Pearce's progress he is expected to be home in Vermont in the next few weeks. He also wrote that Pearce's doctor firmly believes he will snowboard again.

Best news we've heard all day. The crew here at Alli has been hoping for that amazing day when you get back on your board. Cheers to your continued recovery!


Update 4/16/10 – The article about KP in the NY Times will run in the April 17, 2010 print edition and can be viewed online at: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/17/sports/17pearce.html


Update 4/12/10 – Sending all my love to my friend Danny today. Hope his surgery went well. My days at Craig are moving along smoothly. Luckily, I am getting nearer to the end. Thanks for the continued love and support! -Kevin


Update 4/5/10 – Hope everyone had a great easter. Mine was nice, went on a mellow walk with my family. Now i’m back to work in rehab trying to get better. Sometimes it’s hard but everyday is getting a little easier. I’m very glad to still be alive with so many people supporting me. Thanks for all the kind easter messages. – Kevin


Update – 3/29/10 – Stoked about the sunny weather in Denver right now. Spending some time outdoors with the family which feels great. Again, I can’t thank you all enough for the encouraging messages. I’m excited to be posting my own updates and love hearing from you. Thanks everybody. -Kevin


Update – 3/26/10 – This has been a very positive week. We are so pleased with all of the progress that Kevin is making with his rehabilitation therapies. In addition, Simon and I would like to give a big thank you to Jack Mitrani for the video he made and to Brian Culmo for that larger than life black and white poster of Kevin’s smiling face, both seen at the US Open. All the support means so much to us and is a big boost for Kev’s spirits. – Pia

Here are the links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdvuiICCJ1Y


Update – 3/22/10 – Thank you all for your love and support. It has been amazing. You’ve all been incredible through this process. My walking and my balance are improving every day and I’m happy to report that I’m consistently beating Adam at blow darts!


Update – 3/19/10 – Kev will continue to post once a week with some assistance from me and the fam. While in the therapy pool today, he accidentally pulled the emergency alarm which went off throughout the entire hospital. Dozens of people came running from all over to make sure he was ok… Only to find him smiling and relaxing in the pool. Definitely a moment to remember.


Update – 3/15/10 – Kevin Pearce’s first message to everyone since his injury! – “Hey everybody, i’m here with my brother Adam. I am so stoked by how much support and love you have all shown for me and my family. Thanks for reaching out in so many different ways. I am getting better every day although still have a long way to go.” – Kevin


Update – 3/11/10 – Kev had a hard week full of intense therapy. A well deserved weekend, full of rest and relaxation coming his way! Check back Monday for Kev’s first post!!!


Update – 3/9/10 – Kev’s sense of humor continues to make us all laugh and maintain a positive outlook on life.


Update – 3/3/10 – Alan H. Weintraub, MD, Kevin's rehabilitation physician at Craig Hospital, and the Medical Director of Craig's Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program and the TBI Rocky Mt. Regional System of Care said, "We could not be more delighted and inspired by Kevin's progress. Kevin's treatment team has completed our comprehensive neuro-rehabilitation evaluation, and Kevin is actively engaged in a TBI treatment program, specially tailored to his needs. Kevin is in many therapeutic activities, including occupational therapy, speech/language, physical therapy, counseling, and aquatics therapy. Due to his consistent hard work, his walking, short-term memory, and stamina are all improving. Kevin's progress is very encouraging."

Kevin's parents are also very pleased with Kevin's progress and the treatment he is receiving at Craig. Kevin's mother Pia states, "We are very grateful to have the opportunity to be at Craig Hospital. Kevin's rehab is our family's highest priority right now. We are confident that he is in excellent hands here at Craig. We appreciate being able to be so involved and are thrilled to experience Kevin's remarkable progress."

Kevin’s Facebook Fan page, Well Wishes to our Frend Kevin Pearce, is still the preferred site for people posting their get-well wishes and sharing their stories. All cards and letters for Kevin can now be sent to him at Craig Hospital:
Kevin Pearce
Craig Hospital
3425 S Clarkson St
Englewood, CO. 80113


Update – 3/2/10 – Kev had his first session in the therapy pool today. One of his favorites yet!


Update – 3/1/10 – Good times with KP! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEVJHnd3syw.


Update – 2/26/10 – Kev had a great week overall and is making steady progress towards his goals. All of the encouraging messages since the NBC segment have meant a great deal to our family.


Update – 2/24/10 – Just want to extend our love and support to CR Johnson’s family.


Update – 2/23/10 – Segment with Intro and Ending: http://www.nbcolympics.com/video/assetid=ab0359c4-a619-400d-befa-a4ff5d3…


Update – 2/22/10 – Look for KP on NBC w/ Tom Brokaw Monday Feb, 22nd primetime, at 9:10 PM. Again, thanks for all the love and support

Click here to watch the “Kevin Pearce, Great Athlete Great Family Member” story done by Tom Brokaw


Update – 2/18/10 – Kev had an awesome PT session this afternoon with all his brothers. Man he is making some great progress.


Update – 2/17/10 – David and Andrew in the house. Stoked for the family dinner with KP. Shout out to our friends in Vancouver tonight


Update – 2/15/10 – KP tonight on NBC 6:30pm EST and 5:30pm MST. Kev’s having a great morning.


Update – 2/12/10 – Snowboarder Kevin Pearce is adjusting nicely to Craig Hospital (Englewood, CO) where he is undergoing rehabilitation for injuries sustained on December 31, 2009. Kevin continues to show his determination and positive attitude as he makes progress and defies the odds every day.

This has been a tough but inspiring time for the Pearce family. The outpouring of thoughts and prayers from fans & friends continues to help the family stay strong and be a source of strength for Kevin.

Kevin and his parents would like to extend a special thanks to the following companies that have shown tremendous support for Kevin and his family during this time: Burton Snowboards, Nike 6.0, JetBlue, Amp Beverage, Volcom, Frends and Mosaic Sports Management.

Pia and Simon would also like to thank the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA), which continues to offer guidance to Kevin and his family.

To send get well cards to Kevin and let him know you are thinking of him:
Craig Hospital
3425 S. Clarkson St.
Englewood, CO 80113

Update – 2/11/10 Check out Kev’s wall in his room! (under Photos) All the love and creativity are making it easier for him to stay focused on his recovery


Update – 2/9/10 – It snowed in Denver and we were able to get Kev outside in a wheelchair so he could throw a snowball at his mom. A fun moment for the family.


Update – 2/6/10 – Kev is settling into Craig really well. The new Doctors are very impressed with his progress. Read him more of the posts which he really enjoyed.


Update – 2/4/10 – Snowboarder Kevin Pearce continues to make excellent strides in his recovery. Just over one month after his accident Kevin has been transferred from the University of Utah Hospital to Craig Hospital – a world renowned center for specialty rehabilitation and research for people with traumatic brain injury. There Kevin will begin his next steps towards a full recovery.

While at University of Utah Hospital Kevin was under the care of many doctors, including Holly Ledyard, M.D., a Neurointensivist (a physician with specialized education and training in critical neurological conditions) at University of Utah Health Care. Dr Ledyard is extremely proud of Kevin and his fight through the first steps of his recovery, "Kevin has made tremendous progress since being admitted to University of Utah Hospital on December 31. He is able to walk and do many daily activities with some assistance. I asked him how he felt about being discharged from the hospital and he said, ‘Excited! I’m ready to keep on going!’ His positive attitude and determination will certainly serve him well as he moves on to the next phase of his rehabilitation.”

Alan H. Weintraub, MD, Medical Director, Craig Hospital TBI Program, NIDRR Rocky Mt. Regional TBI Model Systems Center, will be leading Kevin's team at Craig and is eager to help Kevin continue along the right path to recovery. "Craig Hospital’s specialized TBI treatment program has begun a comprehensive evaluation of Kevin’s neurological injury and his rehabilitation needs. Our goal is to assist Kevin and his family through this challenging journey and help them reach their fullest potential in every phase of recovery. I also want to acknowledge the excellent work since Kevin’s injury by our acute care colleagues at the University of Utah.”

Kevin's parents would like to give a special thank you to all of the doctors, nurses and staff at the University of Utah Hospital who have helped Kevin and the Pearce family though this difficult time. The Pearce family would also like to thank all of the friends and fans of Kevin for their outpouring of support, thoughts and prayers; they have helped Kevin get through his day. With Kevin embarking on a new level of rehabilitation the Pearce family look forward to the experience at Craig Hospital with great optimism.


Update – 1/28/10 – Kev continues to impress his new nurses in the Neuro Acute Care unit. He seems to be enjoying the more mellow environment. – Adam


Update – 1/25/10 – Kevin Pearce, snowboarder and Norwich, VT native, continues to make progress at the University of Utah Hospital where he has been recovering after an accident on December 31, 2009.

Elaine Skalabrin, MD, Medical Director of Neuro Critical Care who has been one of Kevin's doctors, states "Kevin is making excellent progress and will move from the Critical Care to Neuro Acute Care unit at the University of Utah Hospital today. He is working very hard to make daily progress in therapy, and his sense of humor and optimism are apparent as he begins his rehabilitation."

Kevin's parents and family members remain by his side and continue to be grateful for all of the support shown from Kevin's friends and fans worldwide.

Kevin’s Facebook Fan page, Well Wishes to our Frend Kevin Pearce, is still the preferred site for people posting their get-well wishes and for getting the most current and reliable information.


On the morning of New Years Eve, snowboarder and Olympic hopeful Kevin Pearce was seriously injured while training in Park City, Utah. According to a New York Times article Kevin was trying this year's must have trick, the double cork, and struck the edge of the pipe just above his eyes. While he was wearing a helmet, he was still knocked unconscious and was flown to the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City.

He's been in intensive care and is in critical but stable condition but encouraging news was posted today on The Facebook Fan Page, Well Wishes to our Frend Kevin Pearce, saying he had a good exam and is responding well to treatment.

To keep updated on Kevin's recovery progress visit his Facebook Fan Page and keep posting the positive thoughts and words of encouragement.

From all of us at AlliSports, here is to a speedy and full recovery!