For this edition of Under the Gun, we caught up with Australian BMXer Dave Dillewaard to hear about the saying tattooed on his chest.

I always carried a St. Christopher medal around with me. My aunt actually gave it to me the first time I ever went to America. So I had that, but I seriously lost like three of them. I liked it so much that I figured I'd just get a tattoo of it.

At first I was going to put it on my arm, but I decided I'd get it on my chest. So I got it all designed and went from there. Then I added the sun and the moon to the top corners. It was more of a round tattoo and I felt like it needed to go up a bit.

It was in 2003 when I was 19 that my aunt first gave me the medal. I was coming here on holiday and she gave it to me because St. Christopher protects you when you're traveling.

Somehow through my travels it just fell out of my wallet or my bag, so she gave me another one. Then my mom gave me one, and after I lost both of those I decided I'd just get the tattoo.

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