For this edition of Under the Gun, we caught up with skater Chris Troy to hear the story behind the hot rod tattoed on his shoulder.

The image is from a hot rod T-shirt for a shifter company, and my girlfriend bought me the shirt. I wore the T-shirt so much that I thought I should just get it tattooed on me.


My buddy Milford did the tattoo for like 80 bucks. I probably got it about a year ago, so it's my most recent tattoo.

On the original shirt, this was like an old-school hot rod, but I thought it would be cooler if he made it into a coffin. You don't normally see a coffin driving down the street. Everything else is the same as the T-shirt, except for the car.

I got it on my shoulder just because it felt like the right spot. Open real estate. I love it because it will just remind me of all the good times I had driving my own old hot rod around.

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