For this installment of Under the Gun, we caught up with pro skater Bucky Lasek to have him explain his tattoo of a Tibetan compassion mantra on his right forearm.


 “It's six syllables that represent the path to enlightenment – ‘Om Mani Padme Hum,'” Bucky said. “It's a Tibetan mantra. It's basically through reciting it or visually seeing it, so that's why I got a tattoo of it on my forearm.”


“It's a compassion mantra. My wife was really into Buddhism, so I started following it along with her. We go and see the Dalai Lama speak and we donated to the ICT [International Campaign for Tibet]. From there, it's just become a part of my life.”


“I was just in Vegas at my friend Carey Hart's tattoo shop, Hart and Huntington, so I wanted it to be my first, and possibly my only tattoo. I still may get a skateboarding tattoo.”

Check out the video below for Bucky’s insane backside ollie to tail


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