Dew Tour has been good to Darcy Sharpe. Over the past three years he has been unstoppable in Streetstyle, and this year he will be working toward a potential four-peat at the event. As if that wasn't enough, Sharpe is also taking on Dew Tour's reimagined Slopestyle event and the first-ever Team Challenge. Sharpe will be the only snowboarder competing in all three events this weekend.

With such a heavy lineup of events ahead, you'd think it would be a little overwhelming. Not for Sharpe, though. Sharpe showed up for day one of practice and went straight to work in the jib garden.

When asked which of the three events he was most excited for, his answer came quick.

"I'm looking forward to everything!"

After a little more pressing, Sharpe began to hone in on the first-ever Team Challenge.

"I think the Team Challenge is going to be a really cool event. Having the team captains – the legends – out there at the start gate… Uncle T (Terje Haakonsen) is coming out!"

Buzzing on the Team Challenge, Sharpe continued to talk about the all-new Slopestyle format.

"I think it is interesting," started Sharpe. "It is cool to change it up and to get more technical on the rails, but I feel it is not a traditional Slopestyle. It's a type of contest that hasn't been done before."


Three-time champion of Dew Tour Streetstyle, will Darcy Sharpe have what it takes to remain king? Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

Sharpe is known for his rail and jib skills. By breaking up the jump and jib scores and giving them equal weight to the final score, he believes the new format should cater well to him. The ability to potentially offset a slightly low jump score with a great rail run acts like a true equalizer for all competitors.

"It's cool to even the playing field, and find really well-rounded riders that don't just grease by.

It's crazy to see the end finale be a set of rails in the jib garden… It's going to frustrate a lot of people. It's going to stoke a lot of people out."

Still, before Sharpe competes in the Slopestyle Pro Competition on Saturday or the Team Challenge on Sunday he will fight on Friday night to defend his three consecutive victories in Streetstyle.

"That's a crazy thought to think I am going for a four-peat," laughs Sharpe. It is just a fun event. To shred with all those really legit, established street riders—it's cool to hang around those guys, being a contest kid."

Sharpe stayed modest with regard to his past performances at Streetstyle. In the end, he just plans to practice as usual and go into the same as he always has.

"Yeah, I'm going for a four-peat, but no expectations except to ride my best. It's just a special event with all of Breckenridge watching down the main street."