Next year’s possible summer blockbuster: “TJ in Love. The Ballad.” Learn why they will be serving Chow Mein at the theaters and more in this week’s Tweet Your Face Off interview with TJ Schiller.

(Cue Theme Music) Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to your weekly Tweet Your Face Off session, joining us today Professional Skier @tjschiller

Q:: On a scale of 1-10, How awesome is the movie Face-Off?

A: 7 – nick cage is always saving or ruining the world with his top-notch acting :S

Q:: If TJ didn’t stand for Thomas James, what would it stand for?

A: Toe Jam (Ed. note: Anyone remember the game Toe Jam & Earl? Epic.)

Q: from @Ridertech: Where are your favorite places to ride.

A: For pow – Revelstoke BC – For park – Mammoth in the SPRING TIME !!!

Q: from @thedewtour: What was the most recent trick you learned?

A: Double cork 12’s this summer @ HOOD and rightside Rodeos early this season at Keystone

Q:: Fill in the blank: Instead of snow, it would be way more delicious to ski on ________

A: Instead of snow, it would be way more delicious to ski on chow mein

Q: from @thedewtour: Your Wikipedia entry simply states that you “combine amplitude with style.” Anything you would care to add?

A: Nope – that sounds pretty good to me !!!

Q: from @sweetfiend: In honor of Stan Lee’s B-day yesterday, what is your favorite comic book/ superhero movie?

A: Spiderman – Venom / Carnage series for SURE !!!

Q:: What happens if you scream while grabbing mute on switch 1080?

A: hopefully stomp the crap out of it because the adrenaline is pumpin!

Q: from @thedewtour: Handicap the next event: excluding yourself, who is the favorite to win freeski slopestyle at Snowbasin?

A: Damn – always a hard question.. Tommy Wallisch or maybe Henrik Harlaut…. maybe @chugglife.. Tom is on fire, i got his back.

Q:: How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

A: The Owl claims 3. I’m sticking with him on this one.

Q: from @thedewtour: If a summer blockbuster movie were created about your life, what would it be called?

A: TJ in Love. The ballad.

Q:: How would you defend yourself if Charlie Sheen was chasing you with a knife?

A: Run! Obviously … right?

Q: from @Korbi_r: Swedish or Norwegian??

A: Swedes. I got love for all the Vikings tho !

Q: from @MathieuSoumet: What is your main goal for the season? Dew? X? JOSS? Filming?

A: Finals at all Dew Tour stops, Murder X, And film POW every chance i have. @Vernon crew MONASHEES trip tomorrow. 3 ft of fresh

Q: from @GrantSavidge: If you were a motorized vehicle, what would you be?

A: Dune buggy FOR SURE !!!

Q: from @lexirockz: Who is Huckleberry Finn?

A: Character in a Tom Sawyer book.

Q: from @ohsleeper32: Who is the person that you would like to beat the most in comp?

A: Good question ! Usually want to beat everyone – but it would feel real good to beat Andreas Hatviet cuz that dude is NASTY !!

Q: from @chuggLIFE: Chugg Life or X Games?


Q: from @HewyCanuck: When are you going to start on the MTV show Peak Season?

A: I’ll leave that for all my Whistler friends to go crazy on !!!

That’s all he wrote folks. Round of applause for @tjschiller. And Aloha means goodbye.

Thank you @ALLISports and everyone who sent in questions ! See you in Utah for Dew stop #2. Happy New Year !

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