What do @StevenHFisher and Shia Leboeuf have in common? Keep reading for that answer and more in our debut twinterview with Steve Fisher, famed pro snowboarder and Dew Tour contender.

Welcome one and all to our very first twinterview. Our guest today is @StevenHFisher


Q: On a scale of 1-10, how awesome is the movie Face-Off?

A: The movie face off is probably a 7! Nick Cage AND John Travolta… That’s just genius!


Q: from @thedewtour: We are here in your backyard, Breckenridge, what is the one spot we can’t miss while here?

A: Definitely hit up RELISH for dinner while in Breck! It’s the BEST restaurant in town!


Q: from @Ridertech: Where are your favorite places to ride?

A: I pretty much like to ride everywhere! I don’t discriminate. One of the coolest places I’ve been was INDIA though.


Q: from @thedewtour: Who do you consider your biggest competition on the tour this year?

A: My biggest competition these days, everyone! I think everyone is riding really well this year! the level is INSANE now!


Q: from @dmreithmiller: (I swear this is not a sponsor plant.) What is your favorite Totinos Pizza Roll?

A: Ha, I haven’t had totinos pizza rolls since i was in junior high! (Ed Note:That will prob change this wknd)


Q: from @thedewtour What new up and coming riders on the tour could surprise this year?

A: I think Matt Ladley, Dylan Bidez, Zack Black, and Broc Waring are ALL riding really really well this year!


Q: What is your favorite trick?

A: I don’t have any one favorite trick. I like them all! especially all the different versions people put on them!


Q: from @TheR1CK: What is your favorite song to listen to while riding?

A: I actually don’t listen to music while snowboarding… Super weird, I KNOW!


Q: from @JeffCospolich: How do you stay fit in the summer/offseason?

A: I do quite a bit of running. And lots of basketball! Some mild weight training as well, just to stay strong.


Q: You have memories of watching Tom Sims stand in for Roger Moore in A View To KIll, Who is the best BOND ever?

A: I really like Daniel Craig as BOND these days… But I still think Sean Connery wins as best bond ever


Q: from @thedewtour: Who would play you in a movie about your life?

A: Wow, good question! I’d have to say Shia Labeouf! I think we have a similar sense of humor.


Q: You are getting married soon. Congrats. Finish this: I wouldn’t be upset if _____ crashed the wedding.

A: HA! Definitely Jennifer Anniston! Blake Lively as well! They are definitely welcome… Sorry Tricia!


Q: from @thedewtour: After the Copper comp, do you feel pressure to learn the double cork?

A: YES. And i have tried. Landed a few on the tramp, but jacked my face while doing so. So i may hold off on them. For now


Q: If the Double cork 10 was a candy bar, which would it be?

A: Hmmm… Well technically it’s just a double flip 3 or 7 the way most do it. And it’d be a whatchamacallit! (Ed. Note: yum)


Q: from @idolmakerjack: Who were your inspirations growing up?

A: My biggest influence was Daniel Franck! But really liked everyone else who helped start freestyle snowboarding!


Q: from @sweetfiend: Saw the pic of ur face. http://twitpic.com/tmimm U look like a chipmunk, what kind of nuts u got in there?

A: ha! Wish they were nuts… Unfortunately it’s all BLOOD. And maybe other fluids… Gross, I know!


Thanks again to @StevenHFisher for hanging with us. And remember to Tweet Your Face Off this weekend. /Cue Porky Pig. That’s all folks


@AlliSports haha! On account of my face! Thanks a lot, I thought we were friends!