A household name in both BMX dirt and park, Ryan Nyquist started riding at the age of three and competed in his first BMX freestyle competition when he was 16. A staple on the competition circuit for more than a de­cade, Nyquist's consistency has put him in the top five in the Dew Tour's year-end rankings in both disciplines every year. After riding much of the 2006 season with a torn ACL, Nyquist returned to top form and captured his first Dew Cup in dirt in 2007 with wins at the first two stops of the Tour. In 2009, Nyquist improved on his 2008 fifth-place finish in dirt and walked away with his second BMX dirt Dew Cup — the first rider to achieve that feat since the inception of the Dew Tour. He also placed fifth overall in the park standings after winning the final stop of the year. This past weekend at the Nike 6.0 BMX Open in Chicago, Nyquist kicked off the 2010 season with a 5th place finish in BMX park, and an 8th place finish in BMX dirt.

Last Thursday, we pulled Ryan off of the park course during practice and had him stop by the media center to “tweet his face off” with us. Find out what Ryan has to say about z-rims, Albert Einstein, and Dew Tour rookie Dean Cueson.


Spoiler Alert: This #TYFO session with Ryan Nyquist IS the event. Send in questions for a chance to win some @OGIO swag
Found @RyanNyquist on the park course. We’ve got eyes everywhere http://twitpic.com/27md2v
Q: On a scale of 1-10, how awesome is the movie Face-Off?
A: 8.5
Q: Who is more unstoppable, virtual Ryan Nyquist (From the Mirra game) or Tecmo Bo? http://bit.ly/db3mw4
A: Bo don’t know Ryan Nyquist. So I win.
Q: What career achievement are you more proud of? Being on MTV Cribs or Kim Possible? http://bit.ly/aMtDw4
A: Kim Possible was amazing, but Cribs involved a lot more house cleaning. Cribs turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.
Follow up question – Who is the hottest cartoon of all time?
A: Jessica Rabbit. Duh.
Good answer. I would have to answer the same http://bit.ly/9a0Cpq
Q: Jiffy Market of Los Gatos is one of your sponsors. Convince Jay & Silent Bob to relocate there in under 20 words
A: F*&%*ing F*&k Jiffy Mart is so F*&#ing Sweet Man. F*&$k. Does that work?
Q: Which female celeb would you most want to own a Ryan Nyquist Fathead http://bit.ly/dciMiO (Promise I won’t tell your wife)
A: Salma Hayak ever since the first time I saw her. Big fan if you know what I mean.
One word. Desperado.
Q from @mkbain: You let us twitheads talk you into riding vert, why are you listening to us?
A: Is that you guys? I thought I just had voices in my head. Thanks for clarifying. Vert is going to be fun
Q: What’s your Jersey Shore name?
A: Hahahaha. Lil Ryny or Thunderbutt
The Jersey Shore Name Generator http://bit.ly/cRe5p0 just spit out “Juice Box” for you
Q from @ArmandoInfante: What is one song on your iPod, you wouldn’t admit to having
A: Adam Lambert “What do you want from me” My wife downloaded it…..for real http://bit.ly/bFpkjn
Q from @deebangbang: Remember Z-Rims from back in the day? What did you think of them?
A: I had a pair and I broke them the first day. Not a fan. And the freezer thing never worked.
Q from @dmills3: Who is the best unsponsored guy you have seen?
A: Everyone has some kind of hook up these days. Dean Cueson is new and amazing to watch http://bit.ly/coF6PF
Q from @noorenzo: Where is one place you would like to travel to?
A: Antarctica just because it’s the last continent that I haven’t been to and I hear the summers are amazing hahaha
Q from @thejakernaut: What’s the best show on television?
A: It was Lost, but that’s done. I’ll go with Eastbound and Down
Q from @ivanc1: If you could go back in time who would like to meet?
A: Outside of family, Albert Einstein. Just so I could pick his brain a little bit. He had some wild theories.
Q from @omgitsgooch: What do you think about the progression of BMX now a days
A: It’s awesome and crazy. So many wild dream tricks being done, who knows where the sport will take us.
Q from @arubana2000: Who is your biggest competition this weekend?
A: Myself. I tend to take me out every once in a while.
Q from @GrantSavidge: What was is your favorite trick of all time?
A: For me it’s the one handed nose dive 360. Not the hardest trick, but just feels awesome.
Q from @ArmandoInfante: Got any new trick up your sleeves for this event?
A: I have some new old tricks I’d like to do if that makes sense.
Q from @thejakernaut: Would you rather watch the last airbender or have your left hand cut off?
A: Last Airbender. Even though I’m right handed, I’m pretty fond of my left hand
Twisted Again! #AlwaysSunny
Q from @ivanc1: What are some of your pet peeves?
A: Too many to list on Twitter. Tardiness, talking during movies & fake people
Q from @skyhawks88: What are your top 5 favorite places to go for a competition?
A: In no particular order: San Jose, Barcelona, Brazil, Japan, and Whistler, Canada
Q from @zarrinalam: Other than Greenville, what’s so special about NC?
A: The BBQ, the people, NASCAR, and the humidity
Q from @ivanc1: Is there something about the sport or the competitions you would change?
A: Everything bigger. I like it when everyone else is scared.
In person #TYFOs are awesome. So many answers. Big Thanks to Ryan Nyquist for stopping by.
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