Pierre-Luc Gagnon heads into this weekend’s Dew Tour stop coming off a win at the Skate Open in June, a pair of gold medals at X Games and a victory at the OC Maloof Money Cup. It looks like he’ll be the man to beat in Portland. PLG took some time during his lunch break to answer fan questions in this week’s “Tweet Your Face Off” feature. For more, follow him at twitter.com/itsPLG.

Our #TYFO guest this week is coming off a pretty decent weekend. He took home 2 gold medals on the @XGames Vert ramp. Please welcome @itsPLG
Q: Everyone’s favorite Question (may not be true): On a scale of 1-10, how awesome is the movie Face-Off?
A: is that the Nicholas Cage movie? From what I remember, it was pretty epic!
Q from @deebangbang: How often do you street skate?
A: When there’s no contest during the “off season” I usually sk8 street once a week or so…
Q from @DMills3: What do you think will be the next huge trick will take over vert?
A: I think a lot of people are starting to do 720s now… There was only a few of us doing it a few years ago…
Q from @slewis1200: what is most difficult trick you mastered?
A: it’s a toss in between kick flip body varial 540 and nollie heel flip indy 360
Q from @skyhawks88: How does it feel to a Double Gold Medalist at the #XGames?
A: nothing feels better than when a plan goes as planned !!! Lol
Q from @jkim16: Which of your @XGames medals is your favorite? and why?
A: it has to be my first gold from 2002… And the 2nd gold the following day in best trick. There’s nothing like your first win!
Q from @9Tchurch: what was going through your mind when u drop into your last run at X vert?
A: well, my last run was a victory lap this year so I was pretty happy but still wanted to do something good for the crowd !
Q: from @flor_g: Do you still get a little freaked out dropping into the mega?
A: only on the 70 foot gap… The 50 is pretty mellow for us…
Q from @omgitsgooch: what do you think the evolution of skateboarding has in store for us in the future?
A: only the future can tell! 🙂
Q: Congrats on the double Gold at X. Is that less common than double rainbows all the way across the sky? http://bit.ly/d62mB5
A: back to back gold!!! What does it mean !!!!!!!!????? Lol
Q from @ivanc1: how did it feel to have your own skate park at such a young age
A: wasn’t quite my own, my dad was running it & it was a public park. But I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for that park
Q from @arubanna2000: What was your favorite moment from this year’s @XGames?
A: Seeing @jamiebestwick getting a 4peat in BMX Vert was pretty amazing!
Q from @ivanc1: Who did you look up to growing up? Who was a big influence in your skate career?
A: Colin McKay and Danny Way!
Q from @deebangbang: What do you think is the best/worst trend in skateboarding, past or present?
A: it’s a tie in between overly baggy pants in the 90s & small wheels on vert!
Q: Other than your name, what does PLG stand for? @evico thinks “Pierre Loves Gold” sounds good
A: haha that’s a good one!
Q from @GH_501: Seeing u beat Mr.Olympic Shaun White maybe ur sponsors should build u a mega vert ramp at an undisclosed location?
A: that sound like a plan !!!!
Q from @ivanc1: What's the best part about being a pro?
A: getting paid doing what you love to do most!
Q from @megustapie: Do u have a good luck charm?
A: Yeah, my French bulldog Zissou! I’ve won each time he was traveling with me!
Q from @arubana2000: If you weren’t skateboarding, where would you be today?
A: probably in a bad place haha skateboarding saved my life !
Q from @fgcarva1: what got you into skating and why did you choose vert over street?
A: Vert was really big in the late 80s. It was just a good fit for me.
Q from @ArmandoInfante: Do you play any instruments?
A: no I don’t but I film and shoot photos. I use I Canon 7D…
Q from @kenzkoff: What music do you listen to before comps to get pumped up?
A: a lot of rap music but it changes all the time…
Q from @ivanc1: Being from Canada are you interested in hockey at all?
A: my cousins are a lot more into it than I ever was…. I watch sometimes….
Q from @zarrinalam: We know you’re great at skateboarding, but how well did you do in school?
A: I did great until dropping out of College !
RT @elliotsloan: Talking to @itsplg these days is like talking to a brick wall with him constantly on his iPhone http://yfrog.com/9gel5gj
Props to @itsPLG for setting the record for number of #TYFO questions answered from an iPhone