When he’s not raging twitter wars with Jamie Bestwick and Brett Banasiewicz, Daniel Dhers dominates the BMX Park course. He got his first victory of the season last weekend at the Wendy’s Invitational and took over the lead in the Dew Cup points standings. While he was in Portland, Daniel stopped by to answer some questions from Dew Tour fans. Read on to find out why his new BMX Plus cover shot isn’t the first time he’s been on a magazine cover.

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Q: On a scale of 1-10, How awesome is the movie Face-Off?
A: Never even seen it.
Q: Are there any Nic Cage movies in Venezuela?
A: None that I know of. If he ever goes there he might get eaten by something.
Q from @ridertech: Where is your favorite place to ride?
A: Mirra Co.
Q: Beside family, what do you miss most about Venezuela?
A: The food and my cat.
Q: What is your favorite thing about living in the states?
A: The riding.
Q: What’s the biggest difference about living in Greenville compared to Woodward
A: There is more riding down in Greenville
Q: @iMaddog9 is trying to get more followers than you. Have any trash talk for him?
A: Poor Mad Kitty isn’t getting any followers. Maybe you should tweet something interesting for once.
Q: Think we’ll see the Cash Roll at the Dew Tour this year?
A: Eventually I might pull it out
Q from @arubana2000: What’s the hardest part about coming to the US from Venezuela?
A: Leaving my family behind
Q from @kenzkoff: if you could be professional in any other sport, which one would you choose?
A: Surfing. But I’ve never surfed in my life. Looks like you either die or ride the wave
Q from @tric101: if you were given the chance to design your dream Park what would you put in it?
A: Something from every single park I’ve ridden.
Q: Last Friday was Friday the 13th. Do you have any superstitions?
A: No. You either go big or go home
Q from @bojo20: What is the strangest thing you have autographed?
A: Underwear. Baby’s forehead. Like “Hey, here, sign my kid’s forehead”
Q from @zarrinalam: Are you team freddy or team jason? If you don’t what that is, what’s your good luck charm?
A: I am my own team. And I actually stole @ScottyCranmer‘s rabbits foot
While tweeting his face off, @DanielDhers just found out he got his first BMX Plus cover http://twitpic.com/2egha2
Q from @yuskadork: Say something cool in Spanish
A: Quieres un perro caliente?
Q from@red_pub: What is your favorite band?
A: Metallica for Rock. For rap – Lil Wayne
Q from @mkbain: You and @JamieBestwick talk a good game on twitter, will you ever win?
A: When have I ever lost? The old man has nothing on me
Q from @kenzkoff: Who are your role models outside of BMX, and why?
A: Some of my friends who have overcome struggles
Q from @XxNiemirAxX: I heard that @Danieldhers has a crush on Carly from iCarly. True?
A: I don’t know her, but if she is a girl, then yes, I do. I love all the women
Q from @Jstarr421: How old were you when you decided you wanted to go pro?
A: Maybe about 16. It kinda just happened
Q @megustapie: let’s say a genie came to you out of no where and said you have 3 wishes! What would you wish for??
A: 1 To never fall again. 2 Read people’s minds 3 Three more wishes
Q from @zarrinalam: What’s your best pickup line?
A: Girls need pickup lines for me
Q from @ArmandoInfante: If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you want to have with you?
A: Cell phone. Bike. Women. Lots of them
Q from @Jsawnh: Were you ever on the cover of a bowling magazine?
A: Yes. When I was a little kid. With my dad http://bit.ly/9B6i72