Adam Taylor is a skate soldier with an incredibly consistent, smooth and technical ability. He's personally motivated and skates in Encinitas with some of today's top pros who have helped bring him to a pro level in the vert world. With his vert and mega ramp progression he has already earned a place among the elites. He also has his own board company, Timeline.

Adam recently finished 5th in vert at the Dew Tour’s Skate Open in Boston. We sat down with the “Adam Bomb” for a “Tweet Your Face Off” session and found out about his life of travels, his goals for the Dew Tour season, and his love of rave music. Follow Adam on twitter at


Let’s get #TYFO started. Thanks to Adam Taylor (@Adambombz) for joining us! Adam placed 5th at @thedewtour‘s Skate Open last month in vert
Keep sending in questions, because we’re giving away 4 MATADOR @888nyc helmets signed by him, and you have to submit a question to enter!
Thanx! im ready for some good #TYFO questions!
I’ll respect #TYFO tradition here, sooo to kick things off…. Q: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the movie Face-Off?
A: I have not seen that clue what its about ha
Q: You get to travel around a lot. Where are your favorite places you've been?
A: Some of my favorite places to go are Brasil and most places in Europe.. My fave is Switzerland in Europe
Q: What's been going on this summer, aside from the competitions and all the practicing?
A: Well i did some fun White Water rafting in Tahoe with Matador By Jack links.such a fun experience with @scottylago and Dennis
Q from @evico & @nataliefamous: What got you started in skateboarding?
A: I grew up in Florida so i got into surfing really young and then my dad got me a skateboard when i was 9 and it was on!
Q from @JKim16: Saw you had a session on the megaramp the other day. What did you think before you drop in the first time on it?
A: the first time ever on @megaramp ..The best thing to do is not to think and just GO..
Q from @thedanpalla: What’s been your greatest accomplishment so far? And what is the goal that you’re still shooting for?
A: being able to go to contests around the world and skateboard for a living..I would like to get a medal @thedewtour
Q from @ivanc1: what’s playing in your ipod or what music pumps you up, gets you motivated?
A: well some good electronica or some mad rave music hahahahah
Q from @zarrinalam: If you ever had a reality show based on your life, what would you call it?
A: well unless im traveling or at a event my life is pretty mellow so i dont know if it would be very good show..haha
A: I would call it “blowing up with adambomb” hahah so lameeee name !!! ahahah
Q from @mkbain: What trick were you throwing at the end of your Dew Tour finals runs? full cab heel?
A: well i was doing Cab heels yes..On my last run attempt i tried a 720
Q from @popcornnroses: Thanks for #tyfo, man! What classic vert star would you love to take on in a one-on-one challenge?
A: A one-on-one with @tonyhawk would be interesting but he would destroy me! ahahah
Too good to pass up posting… Q from @TheR1CK: If you grew a mustache what would you name it? What superpower would it give you?
A: HA i would name it Ping-Ping and it would have the ability disappear at any time and grow back right away
Q from @armandoinfante & @ivanc1: If you weren’t skating, what would you be doing for a career?
A: I think about it sometimes but i would prob go to school for Clothing design..i like doing that
Q: Who were the skateboarders you looked up to growing up?
A: @tonyhawk forsure and @buckylasek and Buster Halterman
Q from @TimDreckman: What’s the one trick you can’t do that you wish you could?
A: there are a lot on vert that i cant do yet..but i really want fakie to fakie indy 5s
Q from @thejakernaut: who would win in a fight: Chuck Norris or the dos equis guy?
A: defiantly Chuck Norris
Q from @ArmandoInfante: what’s one thing not many people know about you?
A: well hhaha maybe that i like rave music
The bad news, we’ve only got time for one more question. The good news, I’ve been saving a great one for the end of the interview…
Q from @DIRTYLIFE: is it true that you do all your interviews from a stall in a public bathroom?
A: YES that is totally true! haah
And on that note we must bring #TYFO to an end & let @Adambombz get some skateboarding in. Any plugs you wanna make before we sign off Adam?
Yah thanx for #TYFO and wanna thank the sponsors Matador by Jack links for making this happen and @skinindustries @888nyc