The Voodoo BMX Jam went down this weekend and it showcased the best in flatland from around the world putting their incredible precision skills on display. Considering the number of flatland athletes that came together to compete, this was likely the largest showing of the flantland BMX’s international community on a single stage in the U.S. in around a decade and the nightclub atmosphere of the Voodoo Jam providied the perfect feeling of excitement as the technical show climaxed at the contest’s end. With Terry Adams as co-organizer and Scott O’Brien acting as announcer it was a sure fire night for fun right from the start.Recap all the action that went down on flatground and watch as the Japanese riders Yohei “Ucchie” Uchino, Hiroya Morisaki and Tsutomu Kitayama take all as they fill out the podium in the Best Of highlight video below!


1. Tsutomu Kitayama (JAP)

2. Hiroya Morisaki (JAP)

3. Yohei “Ucchie” Uchino (JAP) 

4. Alex Jumelin (FRA)

5. Matthias Dandois  (FRA)

6. Moto Sasaki (JAP)

7. Matt Wilhelm (USA)

8. Dominik Nekolny (CZE)

9. Viki Gomez (SPN)

10. Takuya Higa (JAP)

11. Jean-Francois Boulianne (CAN)

12. Terry Adams (USA)

13. Jean-William Prevost (CAN)

14. William Perez (PER)