Toyota Championships Kick off in Snowbasin

Utah’s Snowbasin unveiled their brand new 22-ft. halfpipe today for the start of the Winter Dew Tour’s Toyota Championships and freeskier Torin Yater-Wallace was one of the first athletes to test it out during practice.

“I just got here to Snowbasin at the Dew Tour and I think the pipe is super fun,” Yater-Wallace said. “It’s really steep but it’s fast. I like the walls and it’s really fun, so I can’t wait until the competition.”

Toyota Championships Kick off in Snowbasin
Simon Dumont – Ski Pipe Practice

The slope course is nearby and the finishing touches were put on the rails and jumps to get it ready for the event, and snowboarder Eric Willett scoped it out.

“The course is actually running really good,” Willett said. “There’s really creative rails up top, which is interesting because everyone is just kind of looking at them, figuring out what we have to do. It’s kind of better that way because it’s not just a normal slopestyle course.”

Toyota Championships Kick off in Snowbasin
Torstein Horgmo

“There’s two jumps, which is kind of interesting because usually you have three or four, it depends. But having two jumps is almost better because then you just have two big tricks that you want to throw and get dialed. They’re pretty decent size jumps, probably like 60 or 65 feet, so good enough to do your big tricks.”

The competitions begin tomorrow with Last Chance Qualifier’s for snowboard and freeski, followed by prelims on Friday and finals over the weekend. Check out all the latest Toyota Championships news here.

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