Today was the final day at X Games in Tignes, France and it was filled with unforgettable freeski talent in the superpipeand also included the freeski Fan Favorite award for the highest voted video submission to the Real Ski Backcountry event. In the pipe, local ripper Kevin Rolland had the pleasure of dropping in last after qualifying first but despite a great run was unable to unseat Torin Yater-Wallace from the top spot. However, on his second run Rolland didn’t hold anything back and went higher than before and stomped everything allowing his score to rise into the top spot. With only one run left, Yater-Wallace was determined to take back the top spot and reclaim his title as superpipe champ in Tignes, France, and he did just that leaving David Wise in second and Rollan in third, respectively.

On the ladies’ side of things, there appeared to be an unmatched French connnection considering the first and second place ladies were in their homeland and on fire straight out of the gate. On Marie Martinod’s first run she secured the highest score of the night. Anais Caradeux also laid down a great run on her first go, but was able to bump her points even higher on her second run. The podium was rounded out by the winner from x Games Aspen, American Maddie Bowman.

Not to forget, Wiley Miller was announced as the Fan Favorite in the Real Ski Backcountry. Receiving the most votes from the online community, Miller earned himself a win for the books.

Take few minutes to watch Yater-Wallace’s and Martinod’s winning runs as well as Miller’s winning entry, and for more information on superpipe results visit the men’s recap article and the women’s recap article on