Freeski Superpipe Semifinals were intense today as Torin Yater-Wallace landed a solid run to win the competition. He charged hard into the 602 foot long pipe, starting with a right 9 tail, followed by a huge left 9 tail and an equally big double flare, continuing to an alley-oop flat 540, a right 9 tail and a switch alley-oop 900.  His score of 88.00 was enough to edge out Duncan Adams (86.00) and Matt Margetts (85.00).  The top 9 semifinalists will move on to compete against defending Dew Cup champ Kevin Rolland, Simon Dumont and Thomas Krief in tomorrow morning’s finals.

1. Torin Yater-Wallace 88.00
2. Duncan Adams 86.00
3. Matt Margetts 85.00
4. Gus Kenworthy 84.25
5. David Wise 84.00
6. Noah Bowman 83.50
7. Nils Lauper 83.25
8. Tucker Perkins 82.25
9. Justin Dorey 82.00

Torin Yater-Wallace

Duncan Adams

Matt Margetts

Gus Kenworthy

David Wise

Noah Bowman

Nils Lauper

Tucker Perkins

Justin Dorey

Justin Dorey and Gus Kenworthy