Tore Holvik enjoyed a great run on the backdrop of some great weather at the Dew Tour Pantech Invitational today in Killington, Vermont. Holvik threw down a run consisting of a backside air into a frontside 1080 and cab 720, followed by a frontside 900 and finished off with a big backside rodeo. Holvik, Broc Waring, and local rider Hans Mindich composed the top three. The top ten men will compete against the best in Friday’s semi-finals with the hopes of reaching Sunday’s finals.

1. Tore Holvik 87.75
2. Broc Waring 80.00
3. Hans Mindnich 73.50
4. Scotty Pike 68.00
5. Ryo Aoki 65.50
6. Kyle Mack 54.25
7. Tyler Anderson 58.75
8. Derek Livingston 58.25
9. Scott Moline 55.25
10. Bryan Daino 50.00
11. Harrison Gray 37.00

Tore Holvik

Broc Waring

Hans Mindnich

Scotty Pike

Ryo Aoki

Kyle Mack

Derek Livingston

Bryan Daino