On a day with swirling winds, the week’s first snow, and plenty of sun in Breckenridge, Christian Haller put together a run of backside air, 1080 to cab 1080, frontside 720 to backside 540, closing with a frontside 900 to score a 94.75 and qualify first overall for the Men’s Snowboard Superpipe here at the Winter Dew Tour Nike Open. In the first heat, Haller held off Norway’s Roger Kleivdal and Australia’s Nathan Johnstone to take the top spot and gain some momentum into Friday’s Semi-Finals. The top 10 riders listed below will advance.

1. Christian Haller– 94.75
2. Roger Kleivdal– 91.75
3. Nathan Johnstone– 84.50
4. Kohei Kudo- 79.50
5. Arthur Longo- 79.00
6. Fredrik Austbo– 76.50
7. Keito Kumazaki- 75.50
8. Benji Farrow- 74.75
9. Ayumu Hirano- 73.00
10. Nils Mindich- 72.75

Christian Haller – 1st Place

Roger Kleivdal – 2nd Place

Nathan Johnstone – 3rd Place

Kohei Kudo – 4th Place

Arthur Longo – 5th Place

Fredrik Austbo – 6th Place

Keito Kumazaki – 7th Place

Benji Farrow – 8th Place

Ayumu Hirano – 9th Place

Nils Mindich – 10th Place

In the women’s field, China’s Xuetong Cai fought through the elements in the Superpipe qualifier early Wednesday morning in Breckenridge, Co. The Chinese native put together a run of frontside air into a backside 540 and frontside 540, followed by a backside air, a cab 720, and closing with a stylish air to fakie to score an 96.75 and take the top qualifier spot for the women.  Japan’s Haruna Matsumoto and Colorado native Maddy Schaffrick trailed close behind with 94.75 and 93.00 respectively, setting the stage for a competitive Semi-Final on Friday. The top eight riders listed below will advance.

1. Xuetong Cai- 96.75
2. Haruna Matsumoto- 94.75
3. Maddy Schaffrick– 93.00
4. Rebecca Sinclair- 78.00
5. Sarah Conrad– 76.00
6. Arielle Gold- 74.25
7. Sarka Pancochova– 72.75
8. Holly Crawford– 70.25

Xuetong Cai – 1st Place

Haruna Matsumoto – 2nd Place

Maddy Schaffrick – 3nd Place

Rebecca Sinclair – 4th Place

Sarah Conrad – 5th Place

Arielle Gold – 6th Place

Sarka Pancochova – 7th Place

Holly Crawford – 8th Place