Tom Schaar is hitting 2019 with everything he's got. He's already landed two major moves with his recent win at Vans Combi Pool Party –congrats again!– that came right on the heels of being announced to the first-ever USA National Skateboarding Team.

Should we expect Schaar to show up to Dew Tour next month and keep the momentum going? Or, will Cory Juneau come to Long Beach in search of a three-peat of his own?

Last year at the Woodard West Mano-A-Mano event we gave Schaar a shakedown while sitting on the sidelines. Apart from learning he was already interested in the Olympic movement even then, the chat revealed more about Schaar's personality and daily life than how he keeps his competitive edge.

Tom Schaar, backside tailslide from low to high at 2018 Dew Tour Long Beach. Photo: Strand (Click to enlarge)

For the most part we kept the conversation light, learning that he prefers fast food to healthy habits and frontside tricks rather than backside. He's also a fan of benihanas, however body varials are not anywhere among his favorites. Interesting choices, to say the least.

The topic shifted to music for a bit, quickly coming to find out that he would much rather listen to hip hop than EDM but it was rock n' roll that reigned supreme for him.

The last concert he went to at that time was Black Sabbath, which he also admitted to be his top pick for turning on at any given time. But despite mentioning his daily listen routine to tunes while in the shower, Schaar said that he does not listen to music while skating. A purist, if you will.

Finally it was time to have him empty out his pockets for a lint check—this proved to be less than revealing, though. As it turned out, he was also a bit of a purist with his phone, too. The first item presented from his pockets was an iPhone 7… without a case.

"There should be a case on it," regretted Schaar.

Next out was his Nixon wallet that he claimed to have had for far too long. Then again, why mess with success, right? The wallet was black, slim and seemed to get the job done. Then it was onto the wad of keys he whipped out, the first of which was a room key to The Lodge at Woodward West.

The more typical keys on his ring each came with their own purpose, one to his brother's apartment, one to his own garage door and then one to his backyard shed. Then there was except for one that was in need of replacement.

"It was a Batman key, but then it snapped," explained Schaar. "It was the house key I had, but it broke, so at the moment I can't get into my house,"

The other opener on his ring was an Audi fob, it was the most eye-catching item. Next to it laid an Ace Rewards card. Schaar took pride in his whip, but the rewards card, he admitted, was only on his ring-wad because he felt pressured by the clerk when it was given to him.

And that was it. That was all he had. No closer did we come to understanding how he continues to find the top of podiums, whatsoever. We will just have to wait and see…