The high flying acrobatics displayed in the first-ever Mega 2.0 at Dew Tour’s Pantech Beach Championship brought a whole slew of new talent to showcase to close out the weekend’s competitions.

With true confidence, the 12-year-old Tom Schaar threw down a big frontside 180 melon over the gap and spun a seemingly easy 1080 out of the quarter pipe to secure his number one spot with a score of 89.00. “I think it is a little bit easier to throw [1080s] on Mega 2.0 because it is easier to grab your board,” said the modest Schaar. Speaking volumes about the his competition, Schaar went on to note the difficulty of his competitors final runs, “It was insane that Elliot put down a tail grab 720, which I don’t think anyone has ever done before on Mega 2.0 – it was so gnar. Then Bob did a backflip over the gap to a 720, it was insane!”

The second place spot was earned by the New York Native Elliot Sloan with a score of 87.00 by throwing a tail grab combo first with a 720 over the gap then with another in a 540 on the quarter pipe. Still taking in his final run and podium position, Sloan took a deep breathe and commented on his tail grab abilities and excitment, “Yeah, [tail grabs] are pretty much the go to. I think for spinning 720s and 900s I can get into a position where I get corked out and spin quicker. I think it looks the best, I grew up skating with Paul Zitzer who used to do the best tail grab 540s. I’m just stoked man, I’m never really up on the podium so I don’t know what to think. My emotions are just all over the place.”

Third place was snatched up by Bob Burnquist on the final run of the night with a backflip over the gap capped by a 720 on the quarter pipe landing him an 86.75. After taking his first four runs of the night and not finding what he was looking for, Burnquist rolled into his fifth and final run with a new plan. “I was trying to grow and get technical… I wanted to get a clean run, that was the backside ollie 180 to the gay twist but I bailed so I was like okay I need to get [technical] for the rest of my runs… I’m used to doing backflips over 50 feet or 70, this is 35 so I almost couldn’t get it around. Once I landed that I was just like I am going to make this 720, I don’t care what happens,” said an ecstatic Burnquist. “Congrats to Elliot for pulling the tail grab 720 and a clean tail [grab 540] over the gap. It was close between us, but that tail grab 720 had never been done and I’m stoked they gave it to him. Obviously Tom with the 1080, he is just spinning so much and if he keeps pulling those on these Mega 2.0 ramps he is going to pretty tought to beat. I’m just happy to keep it going, have a fun time on my board – I just want to keep doing my dream job!”

A respectable fourth place was awarded to 15-year-old Mitchie Brusco with a tailgrab 540 over the gap and then threw 720 varial on the big quarter pipe earning him an 86.50.

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1st Place – Tom Schaar

2nd Place – Elliot Sloan

3rd Place – Bob Burnquist

4th Place – Mitchie Brusco

5th Place – Pierre-Luc Gagnon

6th Place – Adam Taylor

7th Place – Ronaldo Gomes

8th Place – Andy MacDonald

9th Place – Jagger Eaton

10th Place – Edgar Pereira