This past weekend was the Free Flow Tour's skate street and bowl contests at Minnesota's 3rd Lair Skatepark. The talent level was very high and included some familiar faces.

Skate Bowl

Kids where killing it during the bowl contest. Boosting way out of the 9 foot section, most of them spent as much time in the rafters as they did in the bowl or on the coping. Titus Massinello, 14, started his runs by rolling into the bowl, giving him way more speed than everyone else had. It's how he was able to grind and slide as long as Steve Cab.  Titus did a 5-0 revert in the deep end, popped really smooth airs, and had blunt and nose blunts dialed, and he walked away with the victory.

"This bowl was sick," Titus told us afterward. "I'm glad I made the trip out here and looking forward to Ocean City."

Titus Massinello, frontside indy

The youngest guy in the bowl event, Evan Doherty, was also the only one to throw a rotation in his run, and it was a cab 720.  For being such a little guy he really had some big tricks.  Evan also did a cab 360 on the hip and a rock and roll in the deep end. Third place went to Tanner Vanvark, who had such a Cardiel style of skating the bowl.  With no pads and a do-or-die style, he executed a crail slide, tail slide, and a nice backside ollie.

Evan Doherty, cab 720

Skate Street

From the first heat in the open division to the last heat of finals, it was nonstop ripping.  This was a hard contest to judge just because all the skaters were killing it. Coming in 1st place was Shalom Larson. Not only did his tricks demonstrate a high skill level, but he was also extremely consistent and smooth.  On the top rail, he did a big spin frontside boardslide, then a kickflip front lip on the a-frame rail, and a front feeble back 180 out across the long rail.

"This was such a fun contest," said the 16-year-old shredder. "I can't believe I got first. Everyone here was so good."

Shalom Larson, big spin frontside boardslide

Jonathan Reese came in second, but made it a very tough call for the judges between him and Larson.  He landed a crooked grind on the long rail, 180 switch 5-0 on the ledge, and a big back side heel on the a-frame. Corey Millett took third, nailing a switch back lip on the rail, fakie flip down the 5 stair, and back side flip on the bump-to-bump.

I want to put Fletcher Renegar's name out there. If he had skated as well in the finals as he did in his first run, he probably would have taken 1st.  On the longest bank-to-bank gap there, he did an ollie body varial. Not only was it at top speed, but I'm pretty sure I've never even seen that trick before. If Fletcher's name sounds familiar, it should. He's got an impressive streak going, qualifying for Finals 4 years in a row from 2008-2011.

Fletcher Renegar, ollie body varial

I also want to mention Anna Reese.  Not only was she the only girl, but she skated really well and proved herself to be real competition for the guys.

Junior Jam

Ty Stigney was our Junior Jam winner.  Most of the younger guys only skated the a-frame, but Ty utilized more of the park in his run.  Although he did have a great tre flip over the a-frame, he also feebled the flat rail and landed a boardslide  downthe rail.

Ty Stigney, feeble grind



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