We caught up with Brit Fowell, 21, on her lunch break. As a full-time student at University of Nevada, Reno, Brit said her job at Butterbox, a local snowboard shop, is pretty conducive to riding. Today she took the gondola up to Festival Village to catch her friends between runs; there she filled us in on what's stylish in Tahoe. (For a run down of slope styles everywhere check here.)

"The Tall Tee is big. We're getting a lot of tight pants," she said. "At the beginning of the year there wasn't any snow, so people were riding in t-shirts and jeans." Biggest seller? "Obviously Holden; the tight fit of the pants is popular," She said companies like Analog, Ambiguous, and Special Blend are hot here, too.

Ugh! I represent my KR3W!

This motley group of buds, originally from Fresno, California, are all shacking up on the cheap outside Truckee during these winter months. Joey (the mustached dude on the left) was telling us about his headwear company, Steezybeanies, which, he said, are handmade and reversible.

Additionally steezy, these dudes admit to sewing their own pants to make them tighter. Yowww!

This guy has a cool accent. "There's a party at our house…Everyone's invited." By the look of it, bud, you've already got a party on your hands. Get it?! Seriously, these were the steeziest gloves we saw all day.

Logan Duffin works and goes to school and his hoodie is nightmarishly garish. He's from Rancho Cucamonga (our favorite place-name in the whole wide world), which is an hour or so outside of Los Angeles. His home turf is Mount High, which he rides a few times a week. Once a year he and his buds make it up to Northstar-at-Tahoe. "We're just visiting and the Winter Dew Tour happened to be here," he said. "We can't wait. I hope I get to see someone famous." Anybody special? "Of course Shaun White, but I'm excited to see all the pros."