By: Nick Lipton – A Dew Tour Saturday night is always worth trying to remember. The majority of the athletes are done for the weekend, the fans know where the party is, and everything seems to just get a bit spicier. Thanks to Alli After Dark and Toyota the party last night was the biggest and best to hit the Toyota Challenge yet. Salt Lake City's Pierpont Place was taken over by Toyota last night as an all out festival of fun broke out within it's gated area. The inside of the club had a VIP lounge and Dance Hall while the outside raged with a plethora of entertainment options. Photo-booths, video games, screen printing, art, a working mini-ramp, and of course a massive party were all jammed into a great little outdoor venue. Back inside the party lasted until it was literally time to leave, which was marked by the clean-up crew ushering people towards the gates. A good night can't be stopped though and Chris Gentry decided to host his own party at the Red Lion hotel. That party lasted until the wee hours. People partied, fun was had, and Alli After Dark provided a good time once again.

Wagner and Rodolfo Ramos

Anthony Furlong With A Friend

Bucky Lasek and Mark Webb Chatting it Up

Adam Dyet and Jordan Whittley

Jordan Hoffart Having Some Fun

Video Games in cars? Sounds dangerous

Chris Cole and Adam Dyet In Matching Green

Robert Lopez Mont And Lisa

Ryan Nyquist and Heath Pinter

Club Scene At The Party

Josh Hult

Mike Spinner