Paul Rodriguez and Mikey Taylor live in the hotbed of skateboarding and both combine progressive tricks with groundbreaking style. They're looked up to by legions of skaters, both young and old, and the latest episode of the new Alli Show series shines the spotlight on these members of skateboarding's elite. Check it out here!

The Alli Show is a portrait of seven different action sports as told through the stories of athletes or crews that are setting the trends in their sport, not following them.

The second episode of the Alli Show brings Paul Rodriguez and Mikey Taylor together to do some street skating. While Taylor pulls a move that will hands down make you crack up, P-Rod shares his thoughts on what inspires him to skate and some insight on what keeps him motivated.


If you missed the first Alli Show featuring the Hahn brothers of motocross, you can check it out here.

Keep an eye out for future episodes of the Alli Show on to witness firsthand the stories of the athletes changing the face of their sports.