Garrett Reynolds is having a good year, to say the least. He’s won a Dew Cup, he won two NORA Cups, he won Gold in X Games Street, he’s been all over every mag and site, and he finished high school. But, with all the success comes a lot of work, a non-stop schedule of shoots, comps, and other obligations. So, when it came time to film the Alli Show – BMX, we knew we wanted the focus to be Garrett and his friends in Jersey, but we also knew it’d be hard to find the time.

Well, we were lucky. Two months ago Garrett gave up his Labor Day weekend to film with us, so we met up with him at the house he shares with his friends in New Jersey. He took us to a few spots in the Toms River area, showing us the ramps in his mom’s backyard where he grew up riding, and giving us a glimpse at what it was like to grow up in Jersey. Then, he took us out to the streets of Philly, one of his favorite spots to ride.

Here’s the thing: Garrett may be on camera a lot (this is his second MTV2 show this year, after all), but it’s one of his least favorite things. He told us that he’s always down to film riding, but that interviews are just his least favorite thing. When looking at our two-camera set up for a sit-down in his room, he said “staring at that is more intimidating than staring at a rail.”

Well, he may not enjoy interviews, but when put on the spot, he’s full of things to say about why he loves to ride, how he views cities and new spots to ride, and BMX in general. He may win everything and get a ton of attention, but he doesn’t take it seriously. “It's still a question mark to me that people pay me to ride my bike,” he said in one of our interviews. “I'm like, really? I guess they don't know that I would still be doing the same stuff whether I was be getting paid or not.”

Riding is what Garrett wants to do most, and so most of the shoot focused on that. For the past summer, he has been working on his own video project with his friends, Deadline, and for most of the weekend, that crew was out in force, including Auggie Simoncini, Bryan Carter, Colin Varanyak, and Steve-o. Kevin Kiraly also made the trek out from California. We just got to see these guys out for a few fun, mellow days, and they were killing it. We can’t wait to see what will be in the Deadline video itself.

During the shoot, Garrett described the video as project they’re doing “loosely for fun,” adding “everyone's filmed a bunch of crazy stuff. … I just wanna make something that I'd be psyched on. Everyone’s down, everyone’s chill, and everyone’s just having fun. That’s what BMX is, and it’d be cool to make a BMX video that represents that.”