With the Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships fast approaching, the hype is growing for this year's roster of world-class competitors to unveil their most impressive pipe performances to date. But before we feast on another action-packed winter Dew Tour, we would be remiss to not pay tribute to the sport-progressing contributions from years past. So before Breckenridge kicks off, let's take a walk down memory lane to relive the 6 most unforgettable pipe runs in Dew Tour history:

Danny Davis Digs Deep – Breckenridge, Dec 2008

The year was 2008, the place, Breckenridge, Colorado. Danny Davis threw down an incredibly creative run—which included a massive backside 900—to upset Shaun White and win the first-ever Dew Tour superpipe contest. 


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Steve Fisher Beats His Fear – Snowbasin, Feb 2011

After being denied an invite to X Games and then cutting ties with his board sponsor, 28-year-old Steve Fisher came into Dew Tour motivated to prove his worth as a top tier competitor. Conquering his fear of the trick, Fisher earns a spot on the podium by landing his first-ever double cork.


Mitrani Mayhem – Snowbasin, Feb 2011

Luke Mitrani was all business when he dropped into the Snowbasin pipe in 2011 and threw down an insane run—with a huge double Michalchuk on the first hit—that not only won the contest, but also knocked his older brother, Jack, off the podium. 


Trevor Jacob, For the Thrill of It  – Breckenridge, Dec 2011

In snowy conditions, Trevor Jacob dropped into the pipe from the top of the scaffolding. No matter why he did it—whether it was to increase his speed, or just simply for the thrill of it—Jacob's run definitely earns a spot in Dew Tour history.


Louie Vito, Double Cork Delirium – Snowbasin, Feb 2012

Louie Vito deservedly chiseled his name into history as the first rider to land four double corks in a row—do your best to not get dizzy watching this one.


Ayumu Hirano, Age is Just a Number – Breckenridge, Dec 2012

14-year-old Ayumu Hirano shows off a glimpse of his future potential with massive amplitude, technical tricks and huge spins, earning a very respectable 5th-place finish.