By Nick Lipton Any Skate, BMX, or FMX tour has a common rule: partying is mandatory. The Dew Tour, combining all three events, adheres to this law. Last night the weekend kick-off party was provided transportation and questionable decisions by Hopeless Ink Tattoo. Lip tats and other permanent decisions were the theme of the night as multiple riders went under the gun for the first time. Eventually all the ink craving participants had been tattooed and it was time to head back to Portland. Our ride, a sputtering short-bus, screamed toward downtown providing a rock show for all aboard. Multiple parties continued into the night, but the excitement surrounding tonight's Nike 6.0 party had everyone taking it easy.

The shuttle, a short bus with a handicapped engine.

Carlos De Andrade and Danilo Do Rosario excited to start the weekend.

Alistair Whitton had to wait in line as Carlos starred down the tip jar.

Tulio Oliveira avoiding the creeps out back and the tattoo guns inside.

First under the gun, last to get up, this tattoo of an Asian fish took forever.

Christian Sereika can't get into the bar, but he can sign up for a tattoo.

Not a single tear dropped, but watery eyes told a tale of pain.

Happy as a kid in a candy store.

Second lip tat of the night.

Also the second lip tattoo to say "Life."

Just in case he ever breaks his voice box, he'll always be able to "Holla."

Alistair Whitton looking freakishly calm as his finger is stabbed repeatedly.

It reads, "Diamonds are Forever."

Good thing Alistair isn't wearing a suit to work any time soon.

Dudes with tattoo's always land the babes, just ask freshly inked Christian Sereika.

Once the official party was over, youngster's, Christian and Timmy Knuth were left out in the cold as the party rolled into the bars.

Late-Night Lisa took off in the short bus of doom determined to party 'till dawn.