Ocean City, Maryland hosted its third consecutive Dew Tour Beach Championships and for the third year a tow-at surf event was part of the festivities! However, this year Dew Tour did something a little different for the host city of O.C.


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The past two surf events in O.C. consisted of two invited professionals to try their luck on the beach break against the local rippers. This year, the format was entirely new and consisted of five local surf shops (Quiet Storm, Chaunceys, K Coast, Malibus and Atlantic Shoals) entering their top Ams to compete against one another to bring a Dew Tour title back to their shop! 

Apart from the new format, another interesting aspect to note was that Kalani David acted as one of the judges for this event. Considering Kalani is a pro surfer when he is not competing as a pro skater – we couldn't have asked for a better celebrity judge for the Am event. Look for Kalani charging in Skate Bowl later this week.

Kalani David (left) with fellow Skate Bowl competitor Alex Sorgente

The event consisted of two sessions with four surfers in each and allowing each surfer an 8-minute heat to take as many waves as possible. Following the two sessions the top two surfers moved on to the finals for 12-minute heats.

When it came down to the finals it was Brad Flora representing Atlantic Shoals against Sam Deely from K Coast. First in the water Deely, as he qualified second, and Deely dove straight in throwing a powerful cutback on his first wave. With a solid staple under his belt, Deely moved onward and upward in the form of air reverses. The first one he hucked but came up short, but shortly after Deely pulled what was the most graceful air reverse of the night.

Sam Deely about to lay down an air reverse

Last in the water for the night was Flora, but with no shortage of energy. Flora dove straight in and went for every bump that came his way. On his third bump of his heat he nailed an air revers and had no reservations when it came time to claim it for the crowd. Then, while waiting for a bump, Flora threw his arms up in the air for a boost from the crowd. Flora laid out a cutback and then moved on to trying a superman. With only seconds left in his heat, Flora pulled the superman and the crowd erupted.

Brad Flora boosts one into the foam

In the end, Deely surfaced as the event’s winner and with the support of the crowd he was instantly lifted onto the shoulders of his peers before accepting his check for both himself and his surf shop.

“We are all friends, it’s just a friendly competition and we love suring in our home town,” said Deely with regard to the vibes in and around the water of the event. “I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to surf in this contest.”

The Surf Shop Showdown presented by Ron Jon Surf Shop took place on the shore between Caroline St. and the Pier, and with the help of a jet ski, in a tow-at style competition. Between the energy of the crowd, the live DJ spinning throughout the contest and the floating billboard beyond the surf, this event was one to be remembered.

Sam Deely proud to take home the win for the K Coast Surf Shop

Be sure to check back shortly for the complete results posted below and a photo gallery posted to the top of this article.


1st Place – Sam Deely

2nd Place – Brad Flora