A staple event of the Free Flow Tour since its inception, BMX Park is always one of the most exciting disciplines at Finals. After months of qualifying rounds, a field of 21 riders assembled in Ocean City, ready to throw down on the Dew Tour’s massive park course.

With pro BMX riders Morgan Wade and Colton Satterfield onhand to judge the contest, plenty of talent in the field, and a spot in Dew Tour prelims on the line, the stakes were raised. With so many elements on the course, it was up to the riders to show the judges that they could make good use of the whole thing, something that the top three riders all proved capable of.

Nick Bruce grabbed the top spot on the podium, landing a double tailwhip on the big stepdown gap and showcasing all-around smooth riding. The lone rider to score in the 90’s, Nick’s use of the curved wall really stood out, as it was a feature being neglected by much of the field.

Nick Bruce

The win marks Nick’s 3rd Free Flow victory in less than 3 weeks. After winning a dirt contest at Ohio Dreams, the Youngstown native showed up at Flow the next day and took the park contest. Nick backed that impressive weekend up in Ocean City, showing that he’s the real deal and leaving the BMX world to wonder what he has in store for Dirt Finals two months from now in San Francisco.

The rest of the podium killed it as well, starting with the runner-up, Don Rich. His superman seatgrab on the giant box jump was absolutely massive, and he had one of the cleanest styles we saw all day. Don also landed a giant super whip over the same box, plus a triple tailwhip on the hip.

Allen Adams placed 3rd for the second year in a row. The Free Flow veteran rose to the occasion once again with an electrifying run that featured a double truckdriver over the spine, a huge doublewhip over the box hip, and some big flairs. He also came real close to pulling a 360 flip over the box hip.

Allen, Nick and Don

Nick Bruce will try to continue his momentum into the pro division prelims, as Dew Tour competitions now get underway. To see how Nick does, check out the live stream of BMX Park prelims at 2:30pm ET on DewTour.com.


1. Nick Bruce, 90.33
2. Don Rich, 88.67
3. Allen Adams, 87.67
4. Dylan Pell, 86.00
5. Ross Lanier, 84.67
6. Sebastian Smith, 83.67
7. David Lieb, 82.33
8. Ty Callais, 82.00
9. Colton Walker, 81.67
10. Michael Varga, 81.00
11. Jordan Prince, 80.00
12. Tyler Halverson, 78.67
13. Cory Foster, 78.33
14. Wesley Hark, 78.00
15. Frankie Day, 78.00
16. Jake Hinke, 77.67
17. Kyler Horton, 75.33
18. Erik Nilsen, 75.00
19. Justin Dowell, 71.00
20. Logan Place, 70.33
21. Bradley Secor, DNS

Don Rich

Allen Adams